Saturday, May 4, 2013

Meet me at the ebook fair, or read my book reviews...

Genesis People finished it's free promotion on Thursday night, so now I'm dreaming more people reading, more people wanting more... If you should happen to be one of those wanting more, Psalm Stories starts its free promo tomorrow... Don't miss it! And if you want to find out more, just meet me at the ebook fair and enjoy browsing my booth. I even found a Youtube video about the county anthem of Yorkshire for you to listen to! Can you resist?

With tweeting, facebooking, bemoaning the lack of gathering, linking in and blogging etc. this has been a busy week. But I did still read, so once you've checked out Psalm Stories, grab a coffee and see what entices you from these book reviews:

I think I'll order them from past to future, so we'll start with Two from Galilee, by Marjorie Holmes, a wonderful retelling of Mary and Joseph from the Bible. A beautifully evocative Biblical romance with great sense of character and historical detail, it's one to enjoy with a beautifully smooth and well-balanced 3-star coffee.

Jumping forward to the Napoleonic era, A Note of Scandal, by Nicki Penttila combines nicely researched history of newspapers, politics, the plight of returning soldiers and more into a fast-moving enjoyable romance, with the obligatory sex scene of course, but a nice quick read to enjoy with a 2-star bright lively coffee.

Moving forward to the last century, my next book is Where you Once Belonged by Kent Haruf,
another novel set in Holt Colorado, and an oddly haunting tale, almost unfinished yet somehow complete. It's richly elegant and complex, perfect for a 4-star elegant cup of coffee.

Firmly anchored in the present is  Mike Ball's Banjos Boats and Butt-Dialing, third in his collection of What I've Learned So Far essays. Humorous, frequently laugh-out-loud funny, honest and occasionally calling his readers to action (as he tells of children trapped by broken laws and freed by music for example), it's another thoroughly enjoyable collection to enjoy over several well-balanced, full-flavored 3-star coffees.

Then, in the future there's always war, and in war there are victims, inspiring Rebecca York's Hero's Welcome. Wounded soldier meets wounded civilian and together they set out on a road of memory and healing. Enjoy this short story with a a quick bright 2-star cup of coffee.

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