Monday, May 6, 2013

Selling Psalm Stories, and reviewing other people's stories too

Psalm Stories stands at #1 in Old Testament and #3 in children's Christian fiction at the moment, and it's free until the end of Thursday. I watch the numbers and dream just one of those buyers might love it enough to buy the whole series and send them soaring into Sunday schools, home-schooler's kindles, family lists of favorite reads and more. But seriously, I'll be happy if someone enjoys the book; happier still if they post a review; happier even more if they tell me they love it... and happiest of all if the dream comes true. Hey, a girl can dream...

Just click on the picture to get your own free copy!

Meanwhile, of course, I'm happily reading lots of other people's books and here are some more book reviews. Grab a coffee. Enjoy!

Starting with a children's book, Veggie’s Bully, by C. Jovan Williams follows brightly illustrated animals as they struggle with bullying in school. The well-drawn capitalized text tells the story in unforced rhyme and the lesson is wise. Enjoy with the kids and drink a crisp light 1-star coffee with your read.

Written for teenagers and set firmly in the real world with very convincing issues and characters, is Saint Sloan by Kelly Martin. Combining serious issues with well-drawn faith, and avoiding the pitfalls of simplicity, it tells of a newly Christian girl, teased and bullied at school, who suddenly finds herself the victim of a vicious attack. Trust, forgiveness and healing all come to the fore in this well-told young-adult tale. Enjoy with an elegant, complex 4-star cup of coffee.

Fields of Elysium, by A. B. Whelan, is a young adult fantasy novel with strange technologies, mysterious wormholes, good-looking strangers, war, romance, lots of real-world teen issues and more. It's a fairly long read--enjoy its intense emotions with a 5-star intense cup of coffee.

Sword's Call by C. A. Szarek, is another fantasy, with occasional sex scenes, set in a world of elves and men where evil has risen and the rich girl and poor half-elf might have to set their feelings aside to save the people they love. The world is well-drawn and the complex alliances between groups who prefer not to mix are convincing and thought-provoking. A fun fantasy, enjoy this one with a well-balanced 3-star coffee.

Heading more into horror than fantasy, my next book is Mask of the Macabre, by David Haynes, a set of four interconnected Victorian horror stories offering a fascinating look at the masks we wear. Definitely dark--lock the door and read with a 5-star bold dark coffee.

And finally, staying in London but returning to real-world history and gentle romance, Belinda’s Secret, by Maggi Andersen, sees Belinda embark on a mission to do one good need and enjoy one final fling before submitting to her parents staid plans for her marriage. When the two combine, sparks fly and love is ignited. Enjoy this short story with a bright lively 2-star coffee.

Then go find your free copy of Psalm Stories!

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