Friday, May 31, 2013

Still wanting to be "them." Meet me at the Dan O'Brien Project

Once upon a time I'd read interviews with different authors and think "Oh, I want to be them." I wanted to be famous enough to be interviewed. I wanted to have enough books in print to answer "Which book are you most proud of?" I wanted enough book reviews to make answering "What's the harshest you've ever had?" non-trivial. And I wanted to have a writer's life so I could say what's best and worst about it.

Then I self-published some books. I answered interview questions about "Why did you choose to self-publish?" and somehow, "Because no-one was accepting my submissions," didn't feel like much of a reply.

Then I got some books e-published by Gypsy Shadow. "Why did you choose to epublish?" "Because that's what my publisher does..."

Then Divide by Zero came out with So now I'm a real, published author with a real print book in real bookstores, but I'm still dreaming I want to be "them." Anyway, if you want to read my answers to a rather fascinating collection of interview questions, just follow the link and meet me on the Dan O'Brien project...

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