Sunday, April 28, 2013

One FREE book and lots of good short reads

I've been updating my websites, one by one, adding sample buttons so people can read my writing, trying to make sure the links still work, trying to figure out which site serves which purpose... I even updated my books site: And I posted a chapter from Genesis People on my Bible Study Blog-- readiness for its kindle promotion. Thinking of which...

Genesis People is FREE on Kindle TODAY! Click here or on the sample button and see why you really want to read it. Then "buy" the book (for zero dollars and cents). And come back for more. Psalm Stories will start its Kindle promotion next Sunday!

Of course, you'll want some other books to read with those cups of coffee too, so here are some book reviews. All the books are short, just right for a busy day when you need to get back to work (or to Amazon to buy Genesis People FREE!).

First are two rather unseasonal tales of Christmas. But hey, they've both got cats, and it's never too early to stock up on books to read when the season comes around (which, at the rate this year is passing, might as well be tomorrow). Holly and Ivy, by Lisa Farrell, combines the old-fashioned English Christmas ghost story with romance (and cat) in a very pleasing manner, and is just the right length to enjoy while setting out Santa's mince pie and sherry by the fire, or while drinking  some well-balanced 3-star coffee.

Meanwhile Father Christmas by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough offers a very intriguing cats-eye view of the festivities, from reindeer flying in search hay to strange statues of people and electric stars in front yards. Spam (read the extras to find where his name comes from) is a great feline protagonist, determined to save the missing Christmas presents, and drawn to protect a rather surprising baby from animal control. It's all great fun, and the excerpts from other stories just add to the attraction. Enjoy with another 3-star well-balanced, full-flavored coffee.

Another child-oriented short is The Chosen, by Andrea Buginsky, where a short dumpy female dwarf learns to value herself and her powers and joins a quest against an evil prince. Middle-grade girls wil probably enjoy this while you drink your 2-star lively easy-drinking coffee.

Next on my list is the sweetly enjoyable Puppy Poetry, by Shannon Sonneveldt. Simply rhymes, easy rhythms, and happy memories of living with dogs, this a mild crisp book to enjoy with a 1-star mild crisp coffee.

There's more poetry to be enjoyed in Song of Every Season, by Linda Swift, this time haiku illustrated with gorgeous photos and montages and filled with great metaphors and images. Enjoy with a 4-star elegant complex cup of coffee.

Then comes a short story for adults, The Secret Branch, by James Fant tells a timely warning of the dangers of jumping to conclusions, as one young man returns from war and lets peace destroy his future. Sad, wise, a little predictable but very well told, enjoy this short story with an elegant 4-star coffee.

And finally there's that Writers' Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy that I was reading earlier this week. I've finished it and I still love it. Great interviews, articles, lessons and more. Enjoy with an elegant 4-star coffee and get writing!

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