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Matchmaking, with author Regan Black

My romantic novel, Love on a Transfer, is getting closer to publication. It's rather a change from my other books so I'm slightly nervous as well as excited about its upcoming release. Of course, there are a lot of romantic novels out there, and a lot of really good novelists writing them, one of whom is author Regan Black, and I'm delighted to welcome her to my blog today as she celebrates the release of The Matchmaker's Curse.

First I'll introduce Regan Black the award-winning author of paranormal romance and action-packed urban fantasy novels featuring alpha female heroines. In addition to several short stories (and blogs), she’s also authored the non-fiction Adopt A Greyhound Guide and Goal Setting for Writers, a book based on her popular online workshop. Raised in the Midwest and California, she now lives in the South Carolina Lowcountry where the abundance of history and legend fuels her imagination.

And now, to introduce the Matchmaker's Curse,  book two in the Matchmaker series of lighthearted, paranormal romance:

Grant Barclay came to Charleston, South Carolina for a consultation with the Matchmaker, hoping she'd help him identify the magic that will preserve and protect his werewolf pack's territory. What he got was a cursed mark from the Matchmaker and no idea where to find his soulmate.

An English professor, Maeve King believes in the power of fairy tales but prefers a day to day life without the drama. When her best friend becomes a legendary Matchmaker, helping mythical beings find their soulmates, it seems those tales of magic are coming to life all around her... and quite possibly within her.

If I could ask Regan one question it might be, where did the idea come from. Luckily, that's exactly the question she's answering in this guest post so, over to you Regan, and thank you for visiting my blog:

The romantic paranormal Matchmaker series started as a lark, something more lighthearted after spending months writing in the dark, edgier world of my Shadows of Justice urban fantasy series.

It all began when a silly question popped into my head during one of those ads for an online dating service: "How would a werewolf fill out that profile?" If he's looking for a convenient source of prey or to increase dwindling pack numbers, it might go one way… but this was supposed to be a lighter series. 

So I focused on the romance side of the equation and the idea of a Matchmaker blossomed. She'd have the power to smooth the way for arranged marriages among mythical creatures and, more importantly, the power to identify soulmates in a world overrun by humans.

With Charleston, South Carolina so close, choosing the setting was easy. Charleston is one of the most romantic cities in the world and I've had so much fun letting my fictional characters venture through those streets on the way to their happily ever afters.

Thank you Regan. What a great location for love, and the mix of lighthearted romance with werewolves sounds very cool!

And now, for my readers, Regan has generously offered an exclusive excerpt so you can sample and enjoy the tale.

"What the –? How?" She couldn't get the questions out, stunned by the vision of a furious Grant Barclay forcibly escorting her date out to his car.

What was the man doing here? And how was he handling Ben as easily as a parent might guide an unruly toddler?

He's dangerous. She was starting to understand the Matchmaker's warning.

Instinct told her to dart inside and lock the door, but she couldn't resist taking in the entire show. Mr. Barclay managed to transform rumpled into GQ chic and he moved with an athletic grace that set her nerves tingling again. When Ben drove off, the way the man stalked back to her porch was a mouth-watering endeavor.

He was a feast for her senses. A banquet she hadn't known existed. What was it about him that made her want to toss aside caution and ignore the necessary structure of her well-ordered world?

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." She took a step back as he continued to advance. "That was rather rude."

He froze. "Did I misunderstand the situation? You wanted him to touch you?"

The obvious distaste on his face had her bristling. "He's a friend of mine. I would have dealt with it."

"Uh-huh." He descended one step and paused. "I'll just go bring him back."

Maeve rolled her eyes. "Don't be an idiot."

"Where did you meet him?"

"We both teach at the college. His office is down the hall from mine."

"Work and romance are a bad mix."

"Now you sound like him." Maeve leaned on the door jamb, pleased to see the insult strike home. Why she was completely at ease with a 'dangerous' stranger was a question for later. Right now she wanted to enjoy him. "Dr. Wright is the epitome of logic and reason."

"What a guy."

"Mmm." On that they agreed. "So why are you following me, Mr. Barclay?"

"Call me Grant. Why aren't you scared that I'm following you?"

Grant. She liked the sound of his name as it echoed in her mind. "I don't know." It was the absolute truth. She couldn't have lied about it if she tried. Typically, she didn't handle life's unpredictable moments well. She had, in fact, gone to great lengths to avoid unpredictability for as long as she could remember…

Want to know more? Here's where you can find author Regan Black and her novel, The Matchmaker's Curse.

Twitter: @ReganBlack

The Matchmaker's Curse:

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