Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Number One in Japan !!!!!

Today's been an interesting day in the kindle promotion for Genesis People. From one sale in Japan yesterday (yes, Japan), the book has moved up the list to #1 in Christian books. As my publisher says, word of mouth must work, since we've certainly not been working on Japanese promotion. Anyway, here's a picture to prove it--can you tell I'm excited!

Here it is at Number 2

and now Number 1 !!!!!

Plus, I've reached Number one in Canada too. Thank you to my Canadian friends!
Genesis People has made #1 and #3 in America too, so if you've not downloaded it yet, maybe you should click on the link and check up on what you're missing. Those Japanese and Canadian readers just might be onto something...

Meanwhile, I've also been reading, so here are some more book reviews. Grab a coffee while it's hot and join me with kindle in hand...

Elizabeth Parkinson-Bellows will be visiting my blog tomorrow--so don't miss her post. And today I finished reading the first two novels of her middle-grade Azra's Pith series. Nicely reminiscent of Narnia or Gulliver's Travels, these stories send a lonely young man on a quest to learn his heritage, armed with a map, a key, and a very intriguing guide. Alexander Drake's Extraordinary Pursuit and the Return of General Drake are both good fun reads, nicely boy-centric, and best enjoyed with well-balanced 3-star cups of coffee.

For somewhat older readers, and geared more towards girls, S. R. Johannes' short story Unspeakable, and the novel-length Uncontrollable add to her Nature of Grace series. Unspeakable allows a glimpse into Mo's mind as he first meets Grace--somewhat incomplete, it serves as a good introduction to the stories, particularly since it's free. Meanwhile Uncontrollable sends Grace back into the woods where her father died, trying to save wolves instead of bears this time, and facing again the inhumanity of man. Survivor's guilt and depression are dealt with convincingly and hopefully, and nice chapter titles offer  emotional as well as backwoods survival tips. Meanwhile Grace's romantic dreams continue to play second fiddle to the call of the wild. Enjoy these books with 5-star dark intense cups of coffee.

Lee Strauss's Perception  creates an intriguingly plausible near-future world where the genetically modified form a rich upper class enjoying superior technology in gated communities where normals enter only to serve. When Zoe's brother disappears under suspicious circumstances, she struggles to find anyone other than the "normal" servant to help her search for him. Enjoy this romantic young adult sci-fi action adventure with a 2-star lively easy-drinking cup of coffee.

And finally, Christine Amsden's Cassie Scot, Paranormal Detective, starts a new series reminiscent of my beloved Dresden Files but set in small-town America with a female protagonist who's magical skills are sadly lacking, unlike those of the rest of her family. Unable to fit in with the mundane neighbors or her magical cohorts, she devotes herself to protecting the weak from the strong. But soon she might be the one needing protection. Enjoy this one with a full-flavored 3-star coffee.

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