Reading, kindling, and playing with my phone

I got a smart phone after Christmas and I'm slowly learning to use it. It's part of that whole "time-to-get-organized" thing, and truly I do think I'm a little more organized than before. I'm even adding books to my "task list" as I receive them. With any luck, I might manage not to get too far behind with book reviews. Of course, there are still all those books from last year on my kindle waiting their turn. Maybe I need to write a kindle task too. Or perhaps I should just drink more coffee and read faster.

Anyway, here's the next set of books, all fresh from my kindle, all thoroughly enjoyed during the last week of my Mum's visit here.

Cancelled, by Elizabeth Ann West, is one I really should have opened sooner. It's an enjoyable modern romance, written from the man's point of view, and nicely lacking the Disney-type all's-right-with-the universe approach. Read with a 2-star lively cup of coffee.

Beautiful Code, by Sadie Hayes, is another tale of romance and technology, continuing her Start-Up serial novel with a chapter set in Hawaii. Love's path is complex, as is technology, and the betrayal of secrets leaves me wondering what other secrets are yet to be learned. Enjoy another 2-star lively cup of coffee with this lively tale.

Laura Eno's My Enchanted Life, by contrast, is set in a satisfying mix of real and fantasy England, with the world of science and college anchoring American teen Emma to reality. Some of the English details didn't ring true, but the storyline's fun and I enjoyed the read. Drink another 2-star coffee with this bright, easy-reading tale.

Violets are Blue, by Carrie Green, is set in the cornfields of America. The author engages all the senses in her slightly unsettling depictions of field, home and relationships, then gradually darkens the scene with thunderclouds of mystery and fear. A masterful short horror story, enjoy with with a 5-star dark intense coffee.

Remaining firmly in the realms of paranormal, Caron Rider's Silver Knight is a fast-paced, genre-bending, young-adult novel with a clever mix of modern-day high school, history, mythology and literature. A You-Tube video combines with a teen's dark dreams, leading to a frantic trip to the Vatican, fueled by centuries of broken relationships. Enjoy this rich tale with a 4-star rich and elegant cup of coffee.

There are demons in Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love's Firebound too (and a delightfully different creature you'll have to read the book to find out about). There are other creatures too, and and Alterant who's not entirely trusted because she doesn't quite belong. There are curious powers and a strange organization. And there's much to be learned from more books in the series, but Firebound moves quickly, tells an exciting tale, and does a good job of setting the scene for the Alterant, Belador series. Enjoy with a 5-star bold, dark, intense cup of coffee.

I've read two children's books this week too. One of them, my first Kindle picture book, is Alicia Slanina's Where the rainbow touches the ground. I learned that picture books really do look pretty good on a kindle, but two-page spreads might not translate so well. It's a neat book though with nicely simple pictures and nicely wise tale, plus a really good poem at the end. The other children's book is Kent Shreiber's Sisterly Shenanigans of Doopie Piper and Sissy Pants, but it hasn't come out yet. If you have daughters or grandchildren this is definitely one to look out for. Satisfyingly long words are interspersed with colloquialisms in child-friendly text, giving that feel of someone telling a story rather than talking down to a child. Family relationships are pleasing and comfortable in a wide world of farm animals, fields and fun as these two small girls enjoy the world they live in. An enjoyable set of good old-fashioned stories--definitely recommended.

Coffee while reading to kids? I'd go for a 1-star mild crisp cup with the rainbow tale, and perhaps a 3-star well-balanced drink with Doopie Piper.

Time now to brew whatever I've got in the jar. I wonder how far Mum's flight has got?


Laura Eno said…
Thank you so much for the review! Drat...I screwed up some of the English details, huh?
Hope your mum isn't being snowed on too much!
Unknown said…
Hi Sheila,
I left you a present on my site!
Sheila Deeth said…
Hi Laura. We're kind of metric in England, but still measure distance in miles (designed to confuse). Plus those miles take an awful long time to travel. I enjoyed the book though. :)

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