Paper doesn't break!

Okay, the pages of a book can get torn, I can spill things on them, and they bend if I sit on them. But seriously, paper doesn't break, and computers and kindles can drive me up the wall.

I'm gazing at a stretched out screen at the moment because my computer keeps losing communication with the monitor. It might all go black and turn into an ordinary screen soon. Meanwhile nothing's where I expect it to be--even moving the mouse feels all wrong--frustration! Gaghghgh!

When I've finished this post I'll probably go back to reading and reviewing a book, having finally managed to load it onto my kindle. First attempt it just didn't transfer. Second attempt it wouldn't open (and the kindle crashed). Third time's a charm. Gaghghgh!

Or maybe I'll write, except then I'll be stuck with this crazy screen that keeps flickering and changing on me. Perhaps I should just go out and do some yardwork while the sun still shines.

I did find one thing the kindle's better at than a paper book though. I've reviewed two puzzle books from Grabarchuk--Cut the Shapes and Puzzle Quizzes--and their new interface is really great. Cut the Shapes is definitely my favorite--the aim is to color in half a shape so the two halves match perfectly, and moving that mouse around with the five-way button just feels right--it's addictive--it's fun! (And it goes well with a 2-star lively cup of coffee.)

I read a fun mystery called Dead Red Heart by R.P. Dahlke on my kindle too. It's the second in a series with an entertaining 40-year-old female protagonist who flies planes as well as solving murder mysteries. Great characters and well-drawn Modesto CA location--I'll be looking out for more and drinking 2-star lively cups of coffee as I read them.

One more excellent kindle read this week was A.F. Stewart's Ruined City. I've been meaning to read this for ages, a scary horror compilation of stories from different points of view that build into an intriguing picture of a world and its people. Enjoy a 4-star complex elegant cup of coffee with this elegant collection.

I was going to read this next one on my kindle but the pdf wouldn't work. It might have been easier if the text wasn't in columns, but still, it's an interesting book, if slightly more geared towards business people than to me. Fulfill your threats by Jonathan Wutawunashe begins with the usual implication that you can do it if only you try, but he does go on to point out that education, hard work, and knowing your own skills is important too. Read this with a 4-star complex cup of coffee.

I've read two real books this week too, and like I said, nothing went wrong with them. They didn't break. They didn't refuse to load. The pages turned as soon as I told them to... :) (Yeah, but I still like my kindle, and my computer).

The author of the Darkening Dream, Andy Gavin, will be a guest on my blog next Wednesday, so don't miss him. He's written a great combination of classic horror and modern teen fiction, with lots of spiritual elements and magic thrown into the mix. And he's written a truly fascinating post for you to read next week. Don't miss it. Bring your 5-star bold dark intense coffee too.

And finally, a classic literary novel about the staying power of love, Joan Frank's Make It Stay. Love in an age of freedom, friendship at an age when years begin to count, loyalty in a time of suffering, and hope in the face of despair, this one's got it all, plus the scents of the sea, the flavors of cooking, the gentle wind in the California trees... Enjoy a 4-star rich and complex coffee with this rich and complex tale.

Okay, back to that book review. My computer screen still looks weird. My kindle pages still turn too slow. And the sun's still shining a bit... so back to the yardwork instead.


RP Dahlke said…
Dear Sheila, thank you so very much for the nice review of "A Dead Red Heart" 2nd in the Lalla Bains Series. I've just discounted the 1st book "A Dead Red Cadillac" to $.99 and will keep it at that price to introduce new readers to this series. Thanks again! warmest regards, Rebecca

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