Connected ?

I needed to get myself organized, too many books still waiting for review, too many deadlines almost missed, too many times I plan  one thing and find I'm doing another. Since my website and blogs are all on Google, I thought a Gmail account, plus calendar and task list and all the rest, might help... plus a smart-phone (isn't Christmas wonderful). So now I'm almost organized and mostly connected and...

... and then I logged out of emails and went to my website (built with Blogger, part of Google) to check how it looked. It looked blank, blocked, gone. I searched (with Google) for help, then felt foolishly inspired to check for an email explanation. But I couldn't log in; my emails were likewise blank, blocked, gone. So I checked my phone where a nice warning triangle told me all my accounts were unavailable.

Organized. Connected. That's what I wanted wasn't it? But now I'm so connected a single problem might leave me disorganized and unable to connect. I still don't know what went wrong with my account. Eventually, after panicking a while, I found the little blue links for What to do..., logged in (partially) to read a notice about suspicious activity; Google needed to "verify" my account. One cell-phone text message later plus a few quick clicks and the world was back to rights (though, of course, Google now knows my cell-phone number--they're more connected, evermore).

Maybe someone really was hacking my account, in which case, thank you Google for rescuing me. Or maybe I'd set up two blogs up to post simultaneously. Who knows? I know I don't. But I do know being connected's not quite as helpful I'd thought it would be.


Laura Eno said…
I think that's why I stick with my dumb phone. I'm not very connected...but I don't care.:)
Glad to know you're back to rights!

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