Wish me Luck !

Please wish me luck. I'm going to our Spring Bazaar tomorrow, bearing books and bookmarks, home-made cards with pictures drawn with Microsoft's new Draw, and hoping, so much hoping, I might sell some. So... please wish me luck.

Meanwhile I'll tell the computer to post a really neat blog post tomorrow morning from author James J. Kaufman (before I go). If you're not visiting the Spring Bazaar buying all your delightfully collectible Mothers Day gifts, you might want to drop by here and learn about collectible relationships. James Kaufman's novel, The Collectibles, is a nicely plotted story with intriguing characters and enduring wisdom, and his views on how we connect with the people around us make for a really interesting post.

Click on the link for my review of James Kaufman's novel, The Collectibles.

And come back tomorrow to learn the reasoning behind it.


So ... How did you do???
Sheila Deeth said…
Sold one book, one hand-made book, and eleven gift cards. If it wasn't for taxes I'd even have made enough profit to pay for a coffee.

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