An Interview with authors Roy C Booth and Brian R Woods

I reviewed Davi by Roy C Booth and Brian Woods on my blog yesterday (and on gather, where there’s a longer review, and today I’m posting an interview with the authors… Yes, I know; that’s branching out for me, actually interviewing someone I don’t know. But we had an author speaking at our writing group last weekend who mentioned he enjoyed working with his co-author, so I thought I just might have some questions to ask…

First, to introduce the authors…
Roy is a published author, comedian, poet, journalist, essayist, playwright, and screenwriter/doctor (w/. screenplays optioned). Internationally award winning playwright wtih 53 plays published (Samuel French, Heuer, et al) with 690+ productions worldwide in 27 countries. Latest books in print: THREE ZOMBIES AND A DEMON (Stygian Press) and NORTHERN LIGHTS: 20 MinnSpec Tales (Sam's Dot). Five more books set to be released in 2011. (see below for more info on appearances and projects)

Brian is a two-time published poet. He works as a database administrator full time and writes fantasy part time. Davi is his first piece co-written with Roy and he has ambitions of seeing one of his co-authored words make the big screen.

And now, the interview…
ME: How did you get from wannabe writer to where you are now? It’s the question I always ask.

Brian- I used to read fantasy books at work between taking care of clients. After I finished one I would discuss it with a co-worker of mine named Michael Tice. He kept listening to me say how I would have done things differently or ended differently or just any change I would make. After about a year and 70 books later, he asked me what does it take to be a writer. I answered that I didn't know. He challenged me then to set out to be a writer, and here I am now on my way.

Roy C. -- I've wanted to be a writer since I was six years old; sold my first pro short story when I was 14. That was in 1979 and I've been writing professionally ever since, albeit with the odd pseudonym or three early on.

ME: How did you end up working together?

Brian- It was a lot of luck on my part. I saw he was a very talented writer that liked working with inexperienced writers. At first it was hard because he doesn't sugar-coat his thoughts; but once I got used to his criticism, it became easier.

ME: So it was a good experience working with a co-author?

Brian- It was a lot of fun. I got to see a good story turn into a great novella. Roy weaves magic on paper when he write.

Roy C. -- Collaboration is my way of paying forward with my craft, plus I always learn something new myself on every project because everyone (hopefully) has their own unique approach.

ME: Did you always know where the book would start and end? Did you always know what sort of characters you would find in their world?

Brian- The end and beginning I always have in my mind before writing the first word. What comes between can change as the story progresses, but it rarely changes my end. The world was created before this story was created.

Roy C. -- Yes.

ME: Davi seems to be the first of the Tales of Suruale. Are you planning more books set in this world? Will you look into the lives of other creatures or stick with humans and dwarves?

Brian- We currently are planning to have fifteen or more books in this series ranging from short novellas to full length and possibly super long novels. Each book will single out a certain character and show how the world revolves around them. Humans and dwarves will be a main focus over the next book or two but then we are delving into the gargoyle and elves. There won't be a lot of focus on the "nocturnes" until later in the series. They are a vampiric type race that has been keeping to themselves for several years, but soon they will erupt into the world with full speed.

Roy C. -- Yes.

ME: I’m always curious about where the characters come from in stories. Is Davi modeled on a real person or is he purely imaginary?

Brian- Purely imaginary. He reminds me of someone I know with the way he does what is right in any situation and he loves his craft to the point that he creates perfection.

Roy C. -- Purely imaginary.

ME: I’m curious about themes too. Do you see parallels between your imaginary world and real-world situations? Do you think it helps when readers can see parallels?

Brian- There are a few similarities between some real world events and imaginary events we used in this story. I feel there has to be something to make the reader feel they know what the character is going through.

ME: Okay, some practical questions. How much writing do you do each day? Each week?

Brian- I'd say, depending on the week, I can go from three hours up to twenty hours.

Roy C. -- I write 2,000+ words a day, sometimes spread out over multiple projects, regardless.

ME: How hard or easy do you find it to tell people you're an author?

Brian- I find it easy to tell them, but it seems no one believes me until I pull a manuscript out and prove it.

Roy C. -- Easy or hard, believed or not, it's my profession.

ME: And finally, what have I forgotten to ask that you'd really like to answer?

Brian- Well I have heard a lot of people ask, when should we expect to see the next in Tales of Suruale. Answer, we are working hard to have it ready before the end of the year; maybe even in time for Christmas :)

Roy C. -- Yup.

Where to find author Roy C. Booth

Next Appearance: He'll be doing a one hour writing/book presentation followed by book signing and sales Thursday, June 16 at 2 PM at the Rail River Folk School, 303 Railroad St. SW as part of the 2011 Bemidji Book Festival.

Latest Big Project: He completed and turned in approved screenplay for ATLANTA NIGHTS: THE MOVIE!:


Roy's May 2010 appearance on KAWB/KAWE's COMMON GROUND:

Roy's January 2010 Interview on Horror World:

Roy can also be found on MySpace and Facebook.

And don’t forget, you can find Davi for Kindle on Amazon by clicking on the link.


Wow, that was a very interesting review. Thank you so much for sharing!
I meant interview...LOL
Helen Ginger said…
It's always interesting to hear from a writing duo. I like that they have big plans for a series.
Anonymous said…
Writing duos are tricky. I'm not sure if I could do it but I appreciate and respect those who do. And thanks for stopping by and sayung hi. Haven't seen you or visited your blog in a while.
maryrussel said…
Great and informative interview. I have thought about writing a book with a co-author and wondered how it worked out for other who have done it. It seems these two work well together. I love that they have plans for a series.
Jean said…
You asked excellent interview questions, and I enjoyed the writer-duo's responses. Sorry I didn't know about your online chat Thursday night on Gather. How did it go?

Jean Harkin
I love reading interviews! Wonderful!

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