Sunday, April 24, 2011

One of my poems on a Poem for Easter page!

Kimberly Blackader has included one of my poems on her Poetry for Easter page.
I've put another Easter poem on my Drabble page.
And here's a poem I wrote earlier this week, to go with this picture of the cross from church--a cross that changes from gray and lifeless at the start of the service to a symbol of beauty and hope.

This day you will be with me, the Savior said
To the stranger at his side
Together they died.
In Paradise the angels sang for joy
And we wondered why.

I’m guilty said the thief, you’re innocent.
This day you will be with me
In Paradise.
The day I die I hope the angels sing
With joy for me.

The ones who had betrayed him fled and cried
The one to kill himself.
This day you will
Be forgiven the Savior said, the other survived
To Paradise.

So I who have betrayed him, I who live
While savior dies for me
I will survive
This day I will be with him in Paradise
The day I die.

So I who weep tonight, deserving ill
Am rescued still by him
Who died for me.
So I and all who see him can be saved
This day we will.


Bearman said...

Happy Easter Sheila

maryrussel said...

Wonderful Easter poem and photo.

I hope you had a Happy Easter!