Fred and Joe deserve Doggie Treats!

Fred and Joe deserve Doggie Treats!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Sense of Time and Place 2

I love to read, and I read almost any genre I come across. I love the sense of different worlds and ideas in historical novels. I love the feeling of "I've been there" in books set in England or the Pacific Northwest. And I love the wild imagination of science fiction.

I'd love to write in all these genres too, but I don't suppose I shall. I haven't the patience or attention to detail that history would require. I don't have the confidence to trust my memories of places that really exist. Which leaves sci-fi I guess.

My family used to watch movies together on TV when I was growing up. Later I watched with husband and sons. But they're all such perfectionists. Every detail that's wrong must be noted, preferably in triplicate... Which leaves sci-fi...

So now I've had a novel accepted and it's definitely NOT sci-fi. I'm editing it, and I'm still not sure I want to tie it down to a time and place. It's just a story. It's about people and community, anywhen, anywhere... Do you think it might work?


Charlotte Holley said...

Sheila, you're a wonderful writer! Don't worry about the perfectionists! The secret to writing a great story . . . ANY genre of great story . . . is to write to please yourself. Do it for the fun and the adventure. Do it to tickle and titillate your wildest imaginings. Love your subject and your characters, and others will love them too!

I love reading mystery, supernatural and sci-fi/fantasy, so most of my stories incorporate some or even all of those genres with a few others (namely a little romance, a touch of horror and some humor when possible) sprinkled in for a healthy balance. I'm not a best-selling author by any stretch of the imagination, but I love what I do, and there enough others out there who love it as well to make it worthwhile!

Just keep on writing; that's the important thing!

Kathryn Magendie said...

What CHarlotte said!

and happy good holidays to you, Sheila!

(I never worry about genre when I write - I let the publishers worry about that! :0D )

sarah said...

yep...I do think it will work. Merry Christmas to you.....

Linda Kage said...

I'm sure there can be something found wrong with EVERY story out there. But you'd never get anything written if you spent all your time worrying about it. So you just do the best you can and hope people appreciate it for its spirit and emotion.

Doesn't fiction means lies about the truth or something like that anyway?

I'm sure your story will work out just fine. If you don't name actual dates or actual towns, then you'd probably be even better off.

Good luck and happy holidays!!!!

David C Brown said...

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good pleasure in men."

Book Bird Dog said...

Am sure it will work! Congratulations in advance!