Recognized from my book cover!

A dear friend asked me to mail some books to her. Since I only had one copy at home, I took it to the post office and asked, "How much would it cost to send five of these?" The assistant picked up the book to weigh it, turned it over, and said, "Now that face looks familiar, but your hair was longer then." Recognized from my picture on the back of the book! I think I glowed. (And at least she didn't say "but your hair was less gray then"!)

Still glowing, I'm writing this post with thanks to the dear friend--a real book order, for books by me! Lulu says they've already shipped them, so I'll mail the parcel soon. And it looks like sending them in a priority mail envelope is the cheapest method, just in case you were wondering.


Anonymous said…

Sometimes I wonder if the only reason I write is the scene from the hokey 1970s version of Stephen King's "Salem's Lot" when the lead character (a writer) sees a pretty girl reading in the park, and she's reading *his* book. Of course she's stunned to meet him...

Anonymous said…
What a great Christmas gift -- the gift of recognition. So cool!

Priority was the cheapest way? Not media mail?
Terry Odell said…
LOL! I've been known to wear the top I have on in my head shot to conferences, just in case someone might know me from either my book or website.

Terry's Place
Romance with a Twist--of Mystery
maryrussel said…
How wonderful! Congratulations on the order too.

My dad is the only one who has ever mentioned he recognized me from my book cover. He actually looked surprised as he said, "That's you!"
Bearman said…
Congrats! Did you offer to sign a book for him/her too..haha
Petula said…
That is so cool! :-) ... Have a great weekend.

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