Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pizza for breakfast

My Mum had pizza and ice-cream for breakfast, or perhaps it was lunch, or dinner, or tea instead. It's hard to keep them straight in your head when you're flying around the world. I gave her a cheese sandwich.

My Mum's head's nodding. She'll fall asleep soon, probably not in her bed. It must be time for dinner.

My Mum's flown half-way round the world with Christmas in her cases and love in her eyes. Life is good. She's over there resting in her chair, and me, I'm typing, blogging, over the moon.


Linda Kage said...

It's so nice to have family around, isn't it?

Cold pizza for breakfast is like my third favorite breakfast meal.

maryrussel said...

Welcome back, Sheila's Mom! Have a lovely time in America this Christmas season.