Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Planning to be Productive

I finished the book I was meant to review before Christmas. It's called Homecoming, by Sue Ann Bowling, and I'll be posting reviews soon. The characters were great and the storyline's really quite intriguing, with fascinating touches of science and ESP.

Now I'm reading the book I was meant to review before New Year. It's called The Productive Writer and it's written by the very productive Sage Cohen, who'll visit my blog on Jan 3rd to offer her advice. I'm looking forward to sharing Sage's post, and meanwhile I'd better work on productively reading, in hopes that I might productively write in the New Year.

I did send a couple of letters to the paper. Does that count as productive? Does it count if they don't get published?


Sage Cohen said...

In my humble opinion, Sheila, it all counts! Published or not, you made the commitment to write and you sent it in. That's all you can do, and it's an accomplishment worth celebrating!

Sue Ann Bowling said...

Thanks for the comments on my book, and I'm looking forward to the review. By the way, a sequel should be out soon.