Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Between the Lines Reading Challenge

Remember that dream of mine, that I might one day, maybe, get organized? I bought Snowflake Pro when it was first released (got a super super price deal) to organize my writing. Meanwhile I'm still looking for ways to organize submissions, life, the universe etc. And I've joined the Between the Lines Reading Challenge for 2010, to give me a nice set of guidelines for tracking my reading.

Today I posted my first book review of the year: The Shaman's Bones, by James D. Doss. I've decided to make my Gather page my primary book review site, but I'll spread reviews around the other sites later (when my beloved "round tuit" gets into the action).

I'm supposed to read 40 books by authors I've not read before, so this is number 1. 20 books by favorites--I expect I'll manage that. 3 or more new genres might be challenging; I'm wondering if I can claim a single-volume paperback novella as a genre, since that's what I'm reading at the moment. Write 12 reviews? No problem. Read to a child? Hmm. Anyone got a child I could borrow sometime? Read to someone older--I'll find an excuse to read a story to my Mum. Share the challenge with a friend--please consider it shared. And finally attend a book event; failing all else, there'll always be Wordstock in the fall.

So I'm up and reading and ready to start posting my scores. The Shaman's Bones was a pretty fun read. And Brian L Porter's Dracula doesn't live here anymore, closely followed by Murder Mayhem and Mexico will be numbers 2 and 3. (Since I've not read anything of Brian Porter's before either, this'll make 2 new authors. And one day I'll hope to read his Jack the Ripper novels which get really great ratings.)

I wonder if joining the reading challenge will help me organize my blog? I could post on what I've read each week... maybe... if I could find where I've put that round tuit.


Anonymous said...

Its funny I tend to read non fiction during my course of life and fiction only on vacation. But then I pour through about 5 of them.

Stephanie Faris said...

40 books in a year? That's doable...although a bit of a challenge. I don't get how people read 70 or more books a year. That makes me tired just thinking about it!