Monday, January 4, 2010

Back down to earth

I got up at 5am this morning. That's down to earth with a bump. Youngest son needed a ride to the airport, but tomorrow won't be so bad. I'll sleep till 6:15, then wake next son up for his ride to the station.

Still, the earth I bump into is beautiful and blessed since it's still Christmas here. Our tree and decorations stay up at least until twelfth night - probably later since I'm not very organized. (Remember that wish for organizational software?) The wise men still have to make their appearance, and maybe I'll hold out my hand and ask for some wisdom. It's probably a better bet than trying to make unkeepable resolutions.

Seriously unkeepable resolution: I resolve to get a novel published this year.
Slightly more keepable resolution: I resolve to try harder to get a novel published this year.
Keepable resolution: I resolve to try.
And a better idea: I resolve to trust God's timing.

I read a blogpost today that pointed out you only get one "first." So waiting for the right one's probably good. See, I found a spot of wisdom after all, and it's not twelfth night.


Helen Ginger said...

The DH and I were anxious to get the tree down and the living room back in order. The boxes of ornaments and decorations, though, are sitting in the garage waiting to be taken into the attic. That means one of our cars must stay outside. I'm hoping the DH puts the stuff in the attic before our freeze hits at the end of this week. It's my car outside.

It sounds like you're taking the right approach to resolutions.

Straight From Hel

bearman said...

Still christmas. You lazy people take your decorations down already.

Linda Kage said...

What great advice about the "first." Thanks for sharing. Good luck with some of your resolutions.

Hywela Lyn said...

Good luck with the resolutions Sheila. I never take my decorations down until 12th Night either - and we leave it as close to Christmas as we can to put them up. It just doesn't seem right to put them up in November and take them down before the year is out like lots of people seem to do these days.

I really hope you get that novel published. Good luck, Good Health and the best of New Yeaars to you.

Sun Singer said...

Our decorations stay up until Twelfth Night as well. Some people in the neighborhood throw their used trees out for the trashman late on Christmas Day. Sigh.