Please wish me luck!

I spent this morning setting up my stall at the St. Pius Christmas Bazaar. They've given me a beautiful location, really close to the doors and the checkout, so I'm hoping lots of people will walk by. No, actually I'm hoping they'll stop instead of walking by, and maybe decided to buy...

Anyway, please wish me luck. It's the first sale of the season. Thanks.


Helen Ginger said…
Your display looks great. It would make me want to stop and check it out. Hope sales went well for you.

Straight From Hel
That's a nice looking spot--and near a window, too. I hope you sell everything I see on the table.

Terry Odell said…
Best of luck (probably too late now). I didn't notice a bowl of chocolate on your table. I always have giveaways just to encourage people to stop.

I'll need some luck myself - I'm taking part in a major (20-author) book signing. It's a fund-raiser as well, but my hard covers and trade paperbacks are going to be a tough sell next to all those mass-market books.
Sheila Deeth said…
Sold one so far. Wishing you luck too Terry.

And chocolate's a good idea, but how would I keep myself from eating it?
Terry Odell said…
Who says you can't eat some yourself?

I found out the bookstore ordered 15 copies of my hard cover, and none of my other books. It'll be a tough day. But fun. And it's not about selling books, really, although since this is for a good cause, it would be nice.
maryrussel said…
Crossing my fingers and sending prayers. Lovely display.
Laura Eno said…
The best of luck to you! Your display is wonderful. I would stop. Craft shows are tough to figure out. I hope you have someone to give you breaks.
arbraun said…
I've heard that it's actually better to talk to everyone in the place and tell them "I'm doing a book signing over here." I scheduled a private reading at the library where the result was...well...poor. Then another author said that he talks to everyone and it really made me think. Your display looks great; good luck with it!
Anonymous said…
Wishing you luck! Hope you sold all your books.
THat looks wonderful! how did it go?

I see you sold one so far - well, then it is already a success -and I mean that -- book signings are hard - NYT bestsellers sometimes sell one or none - I know, I've talked to them.

The least I sold was four at a signing one time - I was devasted, but my publishers shrugged and said, "Heck,that's good in our books!" *smiling*

have fun! interact with readers and people -- enjoy!
Sheila Deeth said…
The least I've ever sold is one, and the least I've been paid for is none. But it looks like I sold seven books (!!!!!) at this bazaar. I'll know by the end of the month how many I get paid for, but, as you can tell, I'm slightly over the moon. Seven is more than ever before, and okay, so it was four of one, two of another and a calendar, but still...

Many thanks for all your encouragement. And now I'll start gearing up for the next one :)
Congrats on the sales! I've done a little work in Photoshop, and put said work on T-shirts. About the only sales I've made on these shirts are to me and my family.

When I saw that one of them had been purchased by a total stranger, I was so geeked, it doesn't bear talking about.

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