Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Brands, Labels and Catchphrases - 4

A friend asked why I use rainbows as the theme for all my sites, so here's the answer(s).

1. I started out using pictures from my books and trying to advertise. When I wanted to change the picture, I'd just published A Bible Book of Colors on Lulu, so I sliced a piece of rainbow from the cover as my new image.

2. I wanted visitors to my sites to see the text without having to scroll. My rainbow just happened to be nice and thin, so I kept it.

3. And now I'm working on themes - well, the rainbow's a sign of God's promise. Okay, He was promising not to destroy the world with a flood. But seeing a rainbow on my sites serves me as a nice reminder of His love.

4. Then there's the fact that as a kid I "knew" the flood was "just a story" 'cause there had to have been rainbows ever since there was rain and light. I reckoned God couldn't have waited till Noah to make them. But when I read the Bible for myself I found it doesn't actually say God invented rainbows then, just that He used them. It reminds me to read more carefully and keep my eyes open.

5. Which means I'm Inspired by Faith and Science, which kind of fits my theme.

Of course, the theme only applies to my Bible books, but God's promises are for all of me, and I like seeing His rainbows.


maryrussel said...

Love it, Sheila. Great insight into your use of rainbows as a unifying theme for your books.

bearman said...

Now answer the age old question

"why are there so many songs about rainbows"

Kathryn Magendie said...

as to your comment about gluten intolerance! - yes, any kind of vegetarianism or gluton intolerance etc isnt good to have in the deep south *laugh* -- here in WNC, you can find many vegetarian, gluton free, and organic foods - so it's pretty cool.

Helen Ginger said...

Very interesting post on branding. I brand my blog through the types of posts I write, but perhaps I should think about branding the look. Maybe make it fit with my website.

Straight From Hel

Sun Singer said...

Great reasons for using the rainbow. It's not only a nice theme, but it's an eye-catching graphic.