Murphy's Law and the Lean Mean Machine

I think it's Murphy's law that says if I really really want to write then something's bound to come up. So here I am, all inspired by my characters bouncing up and down in my brain, Snowflakes ready and eager to organize me, and...

Well, the dishwasher leaked, which was wet, and the man came to mend it, which was wetter. My son's computer arrived, not wet because I stayed close enough to the door to hear the doorbell (i.e. I wasn't on my computer). The odd rattly thing in the case sent me phoning tech support who tried not to laugh and said it was a light. (I didn't know computers had lights.) Then we went shopping for a monitor, but they'd sold out of the one my son had so carefully researched, so we drove further...

Meanwhile, I wanted to write, and I have a ton of books that I'm meant to be reading and reviewing, and our book group meets tonight.

Windows 7 was fun though. We switched on the machine and it recognized the printer straight away. It even almost connected to the lan, but I needed to set up the name and sort out the password. Next, much to everyone's amazement, I found the site to download our favorite virus-scanner, which installed smoothly and fast. However, babysitting the computer wasn't conducive to writing. Neither was babysitting the dishwasher. Aghghgh. And I forgot I was meant to be babysitting the washing as well...

I'll get around to writing again soon, and reading, I hope.


Judith Mercado said…
The distractions are endless,but today I picked up my ms again and after a two-week hiatus am in love with my characters again. There's hope!
I just have to write off some days for writing, days very similar to your's, yet with different distractions--like finding 10000000 ants in the garage or pile of blown-down limbs to clean up in the front yard.

My hope is that when everything else is cleared out of the way, the characters will still be there waiting.

Sheila Deeth said…
That reminds me; the other thing I did today was clear leaves and blown-down limbs - how could I forget... (But I think that was the time the characters were talking their loudest.)

Ants! Yuk.
Jean Henry Mead said…
If I don't set aside three or four hours in the morning to write I'm sidetracked by everything under the sun. I don't even answer the phone unless it's my husband or family members calling. But as Malcolm said, sometimes things happen to completely derail a writing session.


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