Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Turning my blog into a website - 3

I really ought to get back to writing, but this website game gets addictive. Still, I'll try to make this my last change for a while.

I'd been asking for feedback on my fledgling site, and the major comments I got were:

1. Nobody knows what a drabble is - so I've change the heading (above) to read "STORIES" instead.
2. The free download's too well hidden on the Lulu site - so I added a note at the top of my Lulu page.
3. Advertise the free stuff - see 2 - so I added "FREE STUFF" to the headings above. Unfortunately I ran out of space, so "BIBLE STUDIES" just says "STUDIES" now. Comments anyone?
4. I should use the same colors for titles everywhere - so I changed them in the html code and now they mostly match.
5. I should use the same colors and highlighting for links - so I tried: Oh, how I tried. My blog's template says it's the same as all the other pages, but the change just doesn't seem to happen. Maybe when I get cleverer at html... it looks like there's some other styling hardwired in there, maybe leftover from when I used to use a different template.

So, thank you all for the comments and suggestions. And despite my plan to stop making changes, I'm sure I'll revisit this soon - if only to add some more free stuff as soon as it's finished.


Donna M. McDine said...

Hi Sheila:

Sounds like good advice on some changes. Resolve yourself to the fact a website and blog are always a work in progress and change always occurs.

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Bearman said...

I am looking and I realize now...I don't know what a "drabble" is?

Helen Ginger said...

You'll probably never stop making changes. I still go into mine and fiddle with it. Looking Good!

Straight From Hel

Book Bird Dog said...

What is addictive too is changing fonts, format, colors, templates, etc. I used to experiment all the time till I got to stay with one basic theme. Have fun!

Gladys Hobson said...

Hi Sheila. Thanks for the comments you leave on Writing For Joy. They are always appreciated. You really are clever - I know nothing whatsoever about HTML.

But visiting here I would like to make one comment, and that is about colours. As most people know I have eye problems but then so do many others. Some colours for text do not work for me. pinks, yellows and other colours in PALE shades are hard to read, and so I don't. The clearer and easier the reading matter, the more I'm likely to read it. The clearer a message, the more it sinks in. Anything reader friendly I truly appreciate.

Best of luck with all you do.

Sheila Deeth said...

Thanks Gladys. I'm checking through my colors now to make it more reader-friendly, and I really appreciate the feedback.

I love your pictures on Writing for Joy - they make me joyful.

Anonymous said...

I did th exact opposite and turned my Web site into a blog. This just seemed to be the natural flow of things and I went with it. I can do everything on my bog that I could do on a traditional Web site.

Stephen Tremp

Kathryn Magendie said...

I need to do some things to my website and blog and keep putting it off -- deadline deadline old danged deadline! :-)

Sun Singer said...

To some extent, the tinkering never stops, does it? That's good, I think, for it keeps the blog or the website new, filled with fresh material and eye-catching graphics.

Your's is coming along nicely.