Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Treading on my dreams

As part of out last writers' group meeting we responded to a prompt which asked us to imagine ourselves ten years from now. We each had to write at least three paragraphs, including 5 published book titles, 3 awards and 3 authors that we'd like to be compared to. Afterwards we were invited to read out what we'd written, but only one volunteered.

I thought I was pretty good at writing exercises. I can usually think of something for almost any prompt. But not this one--this was treading on my dreams. I don't want to "imagine" myself ten years hence; I'd only put myself in places I don't want to be. But I don't want to voice my dreams either or it might be an invitation for them to fail.

Still I did learn that there's lots of awards out there that I've never heard of. And only two of us elected to imagine we won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Me, I picked ???, ??, and ? as my imaginary prizes. I couldn't have read it out loud if I'd tried.

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