Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gray Hair

Someone knocked at the door so I rushed up the stairs to answer. The nice young man told me he had a crew trimming trees in our area. If we want they can give us an estimate, so "I'll talk to my husband tonight," I tell him, after checking they'll still be working around here tomorrow.

He adds as he's saying goodbye, "We give good discounts for seniors."

And I check in the mirror to see if my hair's gone grayer overnight. Should I write it on the calendar, or maybe try to forget it ever happened - the first time someone's suggested I might be a senior?

But the discount would be nice.


Donna M. McDine said...

Hi Sheila:

Go for the discount definitely! You don't look like a senior to me. A few weeks ago I was in the bagel shop and two police officers were ahead of me and when one of them turned around. I was stunned to see how young he looked. My goodness time flies, when people in authority are now younger than ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday i was complimented about how young I looked to be a grandmother.. I smiled inwardly because I had only recently put a colour through my locks to hide the grey..