Monday, June 15, 2009

Adam's Apples

Another 100-word challenge from the Genre Shorties writing group on Gather.

This time the challenge was to write romance where a modern-day character travels back in time to meet someone famous from history. I'm not sure how well this fits the requirement, but it was fun trying...

They say you should always take snacks on trips through time. But don’t share with the locals or you’ll contaminate the journey back. I took an apple.

Of course, the fruit on Eden’s trees was absolute temptation. The scents were out of this world; hints of strawberry, apricot wine, summer distilled into winter’s brilliant pearls.

She walked, hips swaying, with perfect lips poised for the perfect kiss, and he was perfect male. But the fruit fell from my hands as I stared. Two apples on the ground. One snake coiled round. If they choose wrong I’ll be trapped here forever.

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