Heaven, Hell and the Deep Blue Sea

Today I'm delighted to welcome author (actor, director, screenwriter, songwriter, film producer...) Nathan Day to my blog. He's going to tell us something about what's "under the surface" of his new novel, Surfacing, the first book in the Orphan Saga. It's an intriguing topic, an intriguing surface even, in a tale whose description begins with the words, "God is dead." So welcome Nathan, and thank you for inviting me and my readers to look deeper...

Heaven, Hell and the Deep Blue Sea

                So, let’s ask the question: Why is the first book in the Orphan Saga entitled Surfacing? Is the significance simply the angel Athiel rising from the Pacific’s depths after decades of self-seclusion? No, although meant to be symbolic, Athiel’s return is only the first of many signs that the times they are a-changing. In the wake of God’s death it is not only the balance of power that is shifted, but piece by piece the veil will lift away from the unknown to reveal to the world of man that the fabled war between Heaven and Hell is very real and all encompassing.
                When we think of Heaven and Hell we think of stories we’ve heard, whether they be biblical in origin or personal tales of angels and demons that people believe have had direct effect in their own lives or in the life of someone they know. I, for example, have a friend who claims that as her grandfather lay dying in the hospital one particular nurse seemed to have the innate ability to ease his suffering just with her presence. After his passing the family brought flowers to the hospital to thank the nurse for all she had done, only to discover there was no nurse fitting that name or description. The family firmly believes this woman to have been an angel. We hear tales, we research in our own ways, but how much do we really know of our final destination? Few claim to have traveled there and returned, but without proof their stories are met with wide skepticism. In many ways the ocean depths are nearly as mysterious and unknown.
                Many of us have been fortunate to see an ocean, maybe even dip a toe or dive full in, but very few have had the opportunity to truly explore its depths. We hear about ocean life, even see it in film or online, but who among us gets the honor of laying hands on the dorsal fin of a shark as it hunts, or watch wild dolphins at play? What would it truly be like the touch the unknown? To shine light in the darkest regions of our world and our faith? We believe in the ocean whether or not we’ve been there because its exist is a known fact, supported by evidence, witnesses, photographs. If there is a surface to it, then we accept that there must be a bottom, even without detailed underwater topographical surveying technology. Perhaps our lives and the world in which we inhabit are just the same; a chaotic, reflective guise that separates us from true depths and mystery. Maybe through prayer, faith, experience, anguish and rage we dip our toes into the waters of the spirit. We want to dive freely but fear the things swimming about our ankles.
                In the end we, speaking of the masses, we prefer the safety of what lies plain in our sight; the comfort of the tangible. The reality at our fingertips. Reality and truth, however, are often distinctly divided and if we insist on lounging on dry land, we will never learn to tread the fathoms and may one day find ourselves drowning. These are key key concepts in the Orphan Saga: facing what lies beyond, daring to explore new realms and coming to terms with undeniable revelations or being consumed in their wakes.
                Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Nathan Day
Author – The Orphan Saga, Orphan: Surfacing, Orphan: Culling

NathanDay_AuthorPhoto_BWAbout the author:

Nathan Day has been called a Renaissance Man, passionately expressing himself as an actor, director, screenwriter, songwriter, producer of film and music and now author. A Kentucky native, he won The Young Author’s Award in the fourth grade and harbors an obsession for telling and collecting stories through any medium. He has appeared in over 30 film and television projects including Stash and Bulletsong, the latter of which he also wrote and directed. Orphan: Surfacing and the Orphan Sagaare his first published work.

Where to Find Him:
Instagram: @akagenre
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nate.day.35/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/orphansurfacing

Twitter: @akagenre

OrphanCoverArt_WithText_1200X811About the book, Orphan: Surfacing: 

God is dead.

The war between Heaven and Hell had waged for eons, spiraling towards its inevitable conclusion as the Book of Revelations began to unfold. Mankind, most unknowingly or unbelievingly caught in the crossfire, had played small but critical roles throughout its history. But when an unimaginable act resets the balance of power, no outcome remains guaranteed and all of creation teeters on the brink of oblivion.

A dark stage has been set.

Heaven falls silent. Its once glorious armies plunge into disarray while their hellish counterparts thrive unattested. The demon Uzahl sews corruption as it stalks Traci Nicholas and her son, Solomon, whose mysterious gifts surge in strength.

Something stirs.

After turning from God, Athiel had spent four decades in the depths of the Pacific reconciling his lost faith with the suffrage he had witnessed. Suddenly he is jolted awake and inexplicably drawn back to the surface and the world of man, no longer sure to which world he belongs.

Kings advance their pawns.

The enigmatic Manuel Valdez watches events unfold, sending deadly S.W.A.R.M. assault teams to eradicate angelic and demonic targets to further his shadowy agenda.

Hope remains.

In the city of Lanza del los Santos, the Big Apple of the West, stands the Cathedral of Saint Michael. Within its walls the angelic captain Dycliasses safeguards Joseph, a charismatic young priest scarred by a terrifying vision. If they can survive the enemy at their gates they may yet have a chance to stem the growing darkness.

Where to find Orphan: Surfacing:
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