Destined to write book reviews

Destiny plays a curious part in the books I've read this week. One follows the music of a young man whose singing is destined to move mountains. A second has already seen the mountains move in a post-apocalyptic world where the demon-child pursues a very sacred destiny. And a third takes a much more everyday look at lives destined to be saved despite terrorist and plot. It's a heady mix, so go brew yourself some coffee and enjoy. Or pick your book and choose the coffee to suit.

First is The Liar's Gallery, by Aaron Paul Lazar. It's not out yet, but it's well worth waiting for--another tale of Gus LeGarde and his wonderful clan in the Genesee Valley, filled with musical and visual delights, great food for the taste-buds, the glorious scents of the countryside, and the touch of love--plus the terrors of parenthood, the loyalties of honest friendship, the betrayals of liars, and occasional threats to life and limb. Have some well-balanced, smooth, full-flavored 3-star coffee to hand when it comes out.

Next is Rapture (from the Rapture Trilogy) by Phillip W. Simpson, an intriguingly different take on the apocalypse. Avoiding the cliches of instant conversion and the earnest threat of so many other Christian novels, this story sets up its own mythology. It's enticingly Biblical without being didactic. And it's a great teen adventure, with all the thrills of the journey, the soul-searching of the outsider, the pains of loss and rejection, and the dreams of forlorn hope. Half-demon Sam might be denied the joys of heaven, but he's not denied love, and he will love and save all those he can. Enjoy this rich, elegant tale with some 4-star complex coffee, but keep a bold dark 5-star brew to hand for the darkest hour.

And third is Moon Over Maalaea Bay, by H. L. Wegley. Third in a series, it brings its protagonists at last to their honeymoon hotel on Maui, but nothing's ever simple for this complex couple. An Amber Alert brings threat and terror. Big money and big spies take a hand. Madcap races by land and sea ensue, and only faith and love will hold it all together. Great Christian suspense, this series just keeps getting better. Enjoy with an elegant, complex cup of 4-star coffee, and look out for volumes 1 and 2.


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