Childrens books on a trip to see a rather grown-up child

We went to Texas for our son's graduation, and stopped at an airport bookshop on the way. I had plenty of books with me from my review list, so I wasn't short of things to read. But my husband found an intriguing tale called The Book of Beginnings: Emerald Atlas, by John Stephens on the shelf at Powells. I read the back cover, and I couldn't resist. So... I read a book on my way to Texas. And here are some book reviews:

Emerald Atlas, by John Stephens, is a tale of maybe-orphans on the run from the orphanage and trying to discover their past. With shades of Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket, Narnia and more, it's a feast for adults and children alike. Scary and hilarious by turn, with an interesting twist on magic and time-travel, it's the start of a fun series. Enjoy with some richly elegant 4-star coffee.

For slightly older children,The Boxcar Baby, by J. L. Mulvihill introduces an old-world America of steam trains and steam cars, where a young girl's adoptive father has gone missing. With her grandmother unable to pay the bills, the home's broken up and Abby is sent to the workinhouse, but an independent young teen will never fit in. So begins an adventure to find her father and learn his secrets, while gathering new friends and allies and discovering the dangers of the world. Enjoy this dark, intriguing steampunk tale with some bold intense 5-star coffee.

Delilah Dusticle’s Transylvanian Adventure, by A. J. York, is a shorter, lighter tale for 8-12year-olds. Set in England and Transylvania, it's told with delightful humor and fun. Delilah has the power to clean and unclean houses--a valuable skill in post-war Britain where the rich can no afford so many servants. But when Dracula invites her to help out at his castle, all sorts of adventures ensue. Enjoy this fun tale with some lively, easy-drinking 2-star coffee, and share it with the kids.

For preschool children, Mike and Pinky find a Home, by Uncle Amos, offers a fun story with nice bright pictures and the added bonus of a video where Uncle Amos reads the tale. Enjoy this one with some mild crisp one-star coffee, and give the kids some juice.


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