Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quick Reads for those long sunny lunch hours

Don't forget the Virtual Ebook Fair's still active on Facebook. Just click on the image to get there.

If you didn't find mine among those excellent snippets and samples, you could click here

for three stories from the Five-Minute Bible Stories Series (TM).

And then, if you've still got a spare hour or two, why not try these short books, reviewed below:

Jessica, by Laura DeLuca, is a delightfully haunting Halloween tale about the shy boy at the dance. Enjoy with a small cup of 5-star dark intense coffee.

In the same vein, Cross Words by Steve Foreman, is another short story with a sting, or a tusk, in its tail, best read with another 5-star dark intense cup of coffee.

In contrast, An Unexpected Adventure by D. X. Dunn introduces the Distania Chronicles with an appealing short story for children who like dragons and computers. Enjoy this bright lively tale with a bright lively  2-star cup of coffee.

Another excellent children's book is Beem explores Africa, by Simidele Dosekun
a beautifully illustrated, pleasantly educational book, with a natural voice, natural travels, and nicely chosen glossary of new words. The added attraction that it introduces children to a genuine image of Africa just makes this almost perfect. Enjoy this elegant book with a 4-star elegant cup of coffee.

Short Stories, by Chika Unigwe, is a truly beautiful collection of stories, genuinely short, filled with memories and characters that seem so very real. Traveling from Africa to Belgium, the author narrates these tales so convincingly you'll believe you've met the characters somewhere on the street. Enjoy this elegant collection with a 4-star elegant cup of coffee.

Beneath the Rainbow, a collection of stories and poems from Kenya, combines lovely art in different distinctive styles with beautiful stories and poems--pleasing, visually delightful, and thoroughly enjoyable to read. Pick up another 4-star elegant cup of coffee when you pick up this slim volume.

Finally, a short non-fiction book, The Rise and Fall of German Transylvania, by Catalin Gruia, advertizes itself as a 37-minute read. It took me somewhat longer, but then, history, geography and travel information aren't my usual choice in reading material. It's certainly filled with lots of facts and would make a great travel aid. Pack some 1-star light crisp coffee to enliven the reading.

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