Virtual Fairground for Real EBooks

Why I like ebooks... I can pack my kindle for a trip in the tiniest space in my bag and have a whole library at my fingertips. I can read five whole books on a plane flight from the US to England without doing my back in carrying them around.

Why I don't like ebooks... That kindle gets pretty overloaded after a while and the pages turn as if they're glued with molasses. But help is at hand! Just reset it to "factory settings" and go to Amazon to download the books I really want for my trip. Then turning pages and changing books is a snap, just like new again!

Of course, kindle batteries run down after a while and paper books never do. But I've got a solution to that one too--just carry a mini kobo in your pocket for emergencies. So now I've got two libraries--four if you count the one on my computer and the one on Amazon--and I've plenty to read. But there are still so many books out there... Please can somebody tell me how to download extra reading time?

Anyway, if you're looking for more ebooks to load on your kindle, kobo or computer, head on over to the virtual ebook fair and sample some great Saturday reads. Or wander to my Five Minute Bible Story at first and enjoy another quick five-minute tale. Hope to see you there!


G. F. Smith said…
So many books, and so little time. I have a tablet reader full of eBooks as well. More than I can read, actually. I am also getting in the habit of reading on a Kindle App on my Android phone. I love it's functionality: multiple backgrounds, font sizes, and I just love the built in dictionary. I can just touch and hold any word and "shazam" the definition comes on the screen. A wonderful tool for a writer, as well as a reader.

G. F. Smith

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