Saturday, June 1, 2013

Meet me at the Fair

Are ebooks real? What about virtual ebooks? I'm reading Zvonek 08 in paperback at the moment and thoroughly enjoying myself. It's definitely a "real" book, but it's made from a collection of ebook novellas published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing. The hero's a wonderful cat called Zvonek who happens to also be a special agent--08 rather than 007, but if you read the books for yourself you'll soon understand the numbers.

Meanwhile I'm posting short stories from my Five Minute Bible Stories Series (TM) on my Bible blog as part of the Virtual EBook Fair's Sample Saturday event. Head on over to, or enter via the garden gate at to read excerpts from lots of great books. Or wander over to to read a five minute story. Hope to see you there.

And I hope you'll agree after reading these pieces that ebooks, even ebooks at virtual fairs, are definitely real.

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