Reading a Romantic Interlude

My first romantic novel, Love on a Transfer, should come out soon with Willow Moon Publishing. One chapter's set in Blackpool, near where my Mum lives, and the other day I saw pictures on the internet showing volunteers climbing up and down The Big One there to raise money for injured soldiers... Those views of the beach and tower certainly took me back. And the view from the top of the Big One reminded me of days when I was braver and younger and dared ride super-roller-coasters with my brother. But I must be getting old--these days I'd rather read about roller coasters or watch them on TV than strap myself in to genuine terror.

Anyway, here are some book reviews of Christian romantic suspense novels, with varying levels of scares and romance, all enjoyed from the safety and comfort of the nearest armchair.

Shadows of Things to Come, by Mishael Austin Witty, presents romance in a Christian college environment, with one door closing and another opening at the start of the tale. But is the knight in shining armor truly a savior, or does he hide some mysterious threat? There are interesting depths behind some of these characters, and the novella's an intriguing start to the author's Flashes of Time series, best enjoyed with a 5-star dark intense coffee.

Double Identity, by K. Dawn Byrd, tells the story of a somewhat younger protagonist, high schooler Bree who suddenly finds a previously unknown twin sister taking over her bedroom, her life and her boyfriend. A wise Christian novel with lessons in tolerance, forgiveness and the value of good communication, this is one to enjoy with a well-balanced 3-star cup of coffee.

Hidden Under Her Heart, by Rachelle Ayala, tells a darker tale of romance between adults as two strong characters meet, fall in love, and face issues of their differing views on God and abortion. It's a well-told, thought-provoking tale with some beautifully lyrical descriptions of countryside and some hilarious scenes providing excellent balance.Enjoy this with another well-balanced 3-start cup of coffee.

Then go ride a roller coaster perhaps?


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