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Keeping it real, by Catherine Converse

I'm delighted to welcome Fade to Silver author, Catherine Converse, to my blog today as she continues touring with this second book in her young Young Adult In Between Series. First, let me introduce Catherine:

Catherine Converse lives with her husband and four children in beautiful Montana. She squeaked by with a Business Degree at Carroll College, only to realize (while glancing back at transcripts years later) that the only A’s she got were in Writing and Literature classes. She wishes there were more hours in the day (who doesn’t, right), and that her mind would just shut down sometimes. If not writing, or researching, she would really like to be outside with her family, and preferably on her snowboard. Or just petting their horses. Grateful for such a blessed life, she just hopes to bring stories of all kinds to life, and enjoyment to those who read them. Catherine owns and operates Golden Dot Publishing, an independent publishing company.

If that makes the author sound happily blessed and successful, please read on for her advice on finding your own success. Over to you Catherine, and thank you so much for this post.

 Keeping it Real—and Original, by Catherine Converse

I’ve been reading a lot of ‘how to’ books lately written by successful authors that paved their own road. They are fascinating, and many common themes shine through. But there is one that seems to really resonate with me. To be original.

With a gazillion jillion books out there, it is quite a challenge to be original. How many different ways can vampires and humans fall in love or zombies eat more brains, or the girl not get the guy or the guy not get the girl, or the adolescent struggle to carve their path in life during those difficult high school and early college years. Yet, authors out there are making their vampire original, or their fairy, or their zombie, or their popular girl or nerdy girl.

In your quest to be original (in writing, or whatever you do), you also have to be true to yourself. What fuels you? Gives you passion? Constant interest. If you are a writer, where do you think there are opportunities to be original within the scope of the characters you love to write about. It can be hard work to be original, but well worth it.

For me, I love psychology, and crime fiction, and exploring the supernatural and technology and where we might go in the world of science and human potential. I want to challenge reality. I also love the whole coming-of-age thing, looking back or forward to a time in our lives when the future is right in front of us to take hold of if we could only figure out what to do with it. And I like a dash of romance, enough to have you rooting for someone to get the girl, but not so much that it takes away from the suspense, and trials and the twists of the plot.

So, I feel like by addressing all of these interests and incorporating research and fascination with these things, I have created something original in The In Between series. The best thing an author can do is latch on to the advice of the ones who have had success before them. And to be original was great advice.

What I love most about that advice, is I believe it applies to us in all aspects of life. No matter what it is you do, I encourage you to be original. I think you’ll feel your own version of success every time you do. That’s how we keep it real.

Thank you, and the In Between series sounds truly intriguing and original. I hope I'll get to read both books one day. Meanwhile, here's some more information about Fade to Silver, including where to find the book and author on the internet.

Fade to Silver: Adie is forced into new territory when her dream overlaps with a complete stranger in a different part of the country, while Dannika escapes from Research, not accepting the new assets in her brain that will change the way she works forever. Despite their separation, their lives merge once again to solve a major corporate conspiracy case, where one man has already lost his life, and Adie has set interference in motion on the next victim in line. But the corporation holds something that is so special, they aren’t the only ones that are willing to kill for it.

With two young men battling for her affection, Adie struggles to keep focus on the case. Once again, Adie and Dannika become the targets, as they become identified as obstacles for those who are after the corporation’s unique discovery. Until it becomes clear that only one person has the power to stop the chain reaction that has begun. And only one question will reveal that person. Who holds the key?

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