Saturday, February 9, 2013


The hole in my leg's getting better. The doctor says don't stress it too much until the stitches are healed. But it's cold outside so I'm not walking or running or causing stress. I'll just type at my computer.

Meanwhile a hole in the living-room surrounds the comfy chair. Mum was sitting there just a few days ago. But now she's flown home to England again and my loss is my brother's gain.

And the hole in the novel? Where I removed those errant chapters a scant two weeks ago? I'm working on it. I'm trying not to stress it too much, and when the words and edits have had time to settle I'll read them again, exercise them on the tongue, and lick them back into shape.

Meanwhile I'm exercising my eyes with much reading and my mouth's enjoying coffee, so here are a few more book reviews...

First is the Tale of Lucia Grandi, the Early Years, by Susan Speranza. Built on a series of episodic short stories, the story creates vivid images of the last century, from grandparents in the first world war to a young girl growing up in the 60s. Drink a 5-star dark intense coffee with this long tale of generational errors and unintended harm.

Another somewhat dark, intense novel is A Mormon Massacre, by Joseph Rinaldo. Set in the present day, it invites readers to image the historical Mountain Meadows Massacre happening in the present day. Not always convincing, it's certainly a dark scary tale to enjoy with a 5-star dark cup of coffee.

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, by Paulette Mahurin, has its roots equally firmly anchored in the recent past. Recreating small-town America at the time of Oscar Wilde's imprisonment, the author gently introduces readers to very genuine people, good-hearted and bad, mistaken, wounded, kind or angry, generous and sad, and leaves us delighted to have met them all. Mildred, who lives with her cousin in a one bedroom, one-bed home, tries to avoid the stares and possible questions of neighbors, while offering generous help to everyone in need. A beautiful thought-provoking story, it's not perfect, but neither are the people it portrays. Enjoy with a 4-star elegant beautifully complex coffee.

Moving up to the present day, an amazing story combining mystery, suspense and long-distance running is J. J. Hensley's Resolve. Combining all the tension of a marathon race with murder and mystery, it's a wonderfully paced thriller with clever clues, natural investigation, and very genuine characters. Highly recommended--enjoy this elegant complex tale with a 4-star elegant, complex coffee.

If you're of a mind for something lighter, there are two more book reviews to go. Loucinda McGary's His Reluctant Bodyguard combines high seas romance on a cruise liner with Caribbean coups and gun-toting terrorists to create a fast-paced, enjoyably exotic romantic suspense, best enjoyed with a good lively cup of 2-star lively coffee. The hint of paranormal is stronger in Ann Gimpel's Destiny's Shadow, an enjoyable novella with the terror of freak weather in a national park, haunting images of ravens and long-awaited, happily consummated romance. Perhaps a 5-star darker coffee would go well with this.

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