Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Adding to the Infinite Sum of Book Reviews

I've edited Infinite Sum and Road to Hemlock. I still need to write Road to Hemlock part II if I'm going to complete the story. And I'm still working on editing Nalya's Sunset and Rose on the Vine. Then there's Love on a Transfer lingering on its way to publication. And then...

And then there's reading, which is good because otherwise I'll end up getting too lost in my own voice. I tried recording my voice for a blog interview the other day. I really really don't want to get lost there!

And then there's writing book reviews, and drinking coffee.

First this week is the second part of Dianne Lynn Gardner's Ian's Realm trilogy. Dragon Shield, by Dianne Lynn Gardner follows teenager Ian as he learns there's more to leadership than just saying no to your followers, and more to being a friend than just hoping you won't be misunderstood. Wise lessons mix in with vivid descriptions, intriguing imagination, valiant battles, and a dragon. Enjoy with your young teen. Enjoy with an elegant rich cup of 4-star coffee, and look out for part three.

No dragons in  Sylvia Shults' Dreamwatcher, but there are plenty of scares and there's the same skillfully gorgeous depiction of scenery. But this book's strictly for older readers, blending sensual romance, evocative horror, a creepy graveyard and some very intriguing twists on reality. Twin teens move to a wonderful old house and start having dreams that might change who they are forever. 5-star dark intense coffee would go best with this one.

Marked for Death, the last in  Claire Ashgrove's Inherited Damnation series, is darker and more explicit, blending the horror of a man condemned to kill with the woman unable to stop loving him. The fact that he's already killed her, and she seems willing to give her all to save him, adds spice to the tale. Ancient Celtic ritual, siblings from previous books of the series, horrors from parental designs and devices and more... My review should appear in Nights and Weekends soon (and now has). Enjoy some dark 5-star coffee with this short read.

Continuing a paranormal theme, my next review is of Garda, Welcome to the Realm, by Stacy Eaton. A cop with the heart of an angel meets a colleague with a heart of gold. But one's married and the other will never destroy a marriage. Meanwhile fate watches and waits, but if one tiny detail changes, what will happen to the rest of the plan. Blending sweet romance, authentic police procedures, and the touch of an angel, this one's a fascinating start to a new series, well worth following. Enjoy with a well-balanced 3-star cup of coffee.

Portrait of Our Marriage by Martha Emms keeps the romance firmly down-to-earth. Begging the question of whether erotic romance readers are really so different from internet porn addicts, the story shows how relationships falter when something else takes the place of the beloved, and even the best will  in the world can't heal what the victim doesn't think is broken. Explicit in a way that truly enhances the story's message, this is one to enjoy with a 4-star complex cup of coffee.

More to follow... I'm still reading!

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