Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meet "Deadly" author Amy Manemann

I'm honored to welcome author Amy Manemann to my blog today to answer a few questions about her writing life. Tomorrow the conversation continues on where Amy's hosting me, so don't forget to head over there in the morning.

Amy Manemann, is the author of Deadly Reunion and Deadly Science, the first two books of the Deadly Series (Taci Andrews Mysteries) and Dracula’s Party, her first children’s book. She resides in her hometown along the Mississippi river with her husband and their two children, where she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, writing, blogging and interviewing authors to feature on her website. Amy is also a site administrator for the World Literary Cafe.

And, in case you were wondering, World Literary Cafe is a fantastic place to find books, book deals, authors, reviewers, and a wonderfully supportive literary community, so you might want to head  over there as well to learn more. Meanwhile...

Hi Amy and welcome to my blog.What inspired you to become a writer? 

The simple desire to tell a story. Have you ever sat through a movie to the very end and was left with the feeling there was more of the story that could have been told? (Yes, I've done that!) I love creating entertaining stories for people to enjoy, and am very thankful for my creative nature that allows me to do such.

I've certainly felt that too at the end of some movies--sometimes there's more to be told and you're waiting for the sequel, but sometimes you're just wishing the writers had done more with the idea. But what takes you beyond wishing and into creating? Who, or what, is the driving force that keeps you going?

My personal driving force is, and always will be, my family. My husband and two children provide me with an endless supply of enthusiasm and support for my writing, which is turn helps me to keep going, especially when I feel myself come up against a brick wall. They're so proud of what I do, and in return, make me feel proud as well.

It sounds like you're blessed with a very supportive family, but how do you balance your personal life with your writing career?

You mean there's an option that allows you to balance it? lol I balance my personal life with my writing career by putting my family first, writing second. I get up every morning at 4:30 so I can have an hour of writing time before I get myself and the kids ready for the day just so my writing won't take away from our family time. I never want my children to have the feeling that my writing is considered more important than they are. Nothing in the world could ever top them!

I know what you mean. Nothing could top my guys for me either, for all they're all grown up and moving away. At least I know where I can find them. And where can people find you and your work on the web?

Thanks Amy. I really enjoyed chatting with you here, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the conversation tomorrow.

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Sheila Deeth said...

It was great having you visit my blog Amy. And I'm looking forward to visiting again tomorrow.