The Super-Duper Magic Espresso Machine!

Powell's are going to put Divide by Zero on the shelves in my local store, but in the downtown store there's another curious option. It's in the Purple Room, it's called an Espresso Machine, and it serves up printed books to read while drinking those cups of coffee.

The machine wasn't doing very much when I got there. They'd only just switched it on and apparently it won't work too well until it's warmed up--and they mean warm. The copy of Divide by Zero I bought from them was truly "hot off the press"!

See that printer thing sitting on top. Once they'd downloaded my book it started printing the cover. You can just see the colors of Divide by Zero and the writing on the spine in the picture to the right.

Meanwhile at the other end of the machine a super-fast printer was churning out page after page for the interior, outlined in yellow here.

The printed pages pile up in the middle, all nicely stacked together, while the cover slides neatly into place down below.

I tried to take a picture of the glue gun but it was too hard to see. The pages are clamped together and rotated, then fresh hot glue runs along the spine which promptly drops to the right place on the cover. Amazing stuff.

Finally the whole thing rotates again while a super-sharp cutter slices it down to size. At which point, look! There's my book!

Genuinely, warmly, gloriously hot off the press!


Sylvia Stein said…
Dear Sheila,

Loved your post! Great one! Thanks for sharing and it was so awesome to hear!

Anonymous said…
Yes, I've seen the Espresso machines (not in real life, but via posts), and I think they are superbly interesting! Congrats on getting your book into the store. :)
bearman said…
Very cool but how did the final product look???
Sheila Deeth said…
I guess I should post pictures of both versions--the Espresso and the copy I got through the mail. Seriously, I can hardly tell the difference. The cover's slightly thinner and the paper slightly creamier in color in the Espresso version.
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