Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Great deal on Divide by Zero

Divide by Zero's got another great review: What do we really know about anyone, the reviewer asks at http://www.amazon.com/review/R3E66EV6SLRQZG/. Click on the link to see if Divide by Zero answered his question.

Plus, there's a brilliant deal being offered on the book, just for Halloween. Stonegarden are selling  the paperback issue at 55% off! So hop on over to http://stonegarden.net/ and load up your shopping cart--lots of great books at great prices, and Divide by Zero!

Ah, if only I had time to read all these books. But I have been reading and I'm about to post some more book reviews online--just think, I'm finally learning how much an author longs for those words... Books, reviews and coffee, what more could I want?

I reviewed Kingdom by Anderson O'Donnell last week on my blog and I'm posting reviews elsewhere today. A post-apocalyptic biopunk novel where the world whimpers instead of ending in a bang, it's fascinating, filled with thought-provoking scarily-plausible future history, and noirish with a touch more hope than 1984. Enjoy a 5-star bold dark intense cup of coffee as you read.

Tim Kizer's short story Sixtus is even bleaker, pulling the reader from mystery to horror as a young man takes refuge in talking to his "imaginary" friend. Another 5-star bold dark coffee should go well.

Innocent Little Crimes by C. S. Lakin is creepy in an altogether different way, gathering a group of teenaged conspirators on an island fifteen years after their "crime" and slowly tearing their dreams apart. This one probably demands a 5-star bold dark coffee as well.

Rebekah Armusik's Mariposa is the sequel to Memoirs of a Gothic Soul, reviewed a few weeks ago. Continuing the story of an American teen transported to the mansions of European vampires and witches, it has a somewhat downbeat feel, filled with teen angst and volatility, but the mythology is intriguingly complex and more is promised in the series (13 memoirs...). Enjoy with another 5-star bold dark coffee--have I drunk too much strong coffee this week?

Finally there's a book to enjoy with a lighter 3-star coffee, well-balanced and smooth. This one's called the Sun Zebra by Rolando Garcia and it's a beautiful short collection of stories where a loving father meets his daughter's dreams and imagination and builds relationship. Truly delightful and highly recommended!

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