Sunday, October 28, 2012

Divide by Zero's free today and tomorrow on Amazon Kindle:
Just go to and download it to your kindle, free!

Want to know more? See below for spotlights, excerpts, interviews and more.


Spotlights and news:

October 2nd: A novel of contemporary small-town life  dealing with family relationships, love, redemption and the haunting effects of childhood trauma and abuse. 


October 10th: Excerpt from the beginning of Divide by Zero:

October 5th: Meet single mom Mary in this excerpt:

Readers' Guide and reviews:

October 28th: Review on Book Reader's Heaven:

October 27th: Review excerpts and bookmarks on Gather:

October 27th: Another wonderful review:

October 12th: Read these book group questions.

October 22nd: My first review:

Interviews with author and characters:

October 28th: Writing Mathematician interviewed at Rachelle's Window:

October 27th: Mary Russel interviews Evie from Divide by Zero:

October 24th: My Next Big Thing at

October 22nd: Pat Bertram introduced me in an interview at

October 7th: Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson interviews me on Writing Commando:

October 3rd: Meet Peter, the garage guy, in this interview:

September 27th: Peter Joseph Swanson interviews me on Gather:

Guest Posts:

October 22nd: Predators, and teaching our children to be safe, on Manic Monday:

October 19th: Seven steps to editing--or the day I almost said the church provided babies instead of diapers, on Glenda Bixler’s blog:

October 4th: On being a storyteller, a guest post on A. F. Stewart's blog:

September 30th: Friends, e-friends and countrymen, come visit Andi's Realm for my guest post on friendship and acquaintances at

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