Friday, March 11, 2011

More Book Reviews

As promised, here's some more book reviews, and I'll see if I can remember to rate them by coffee. Don't forget to click the links for reviews on Gather.

Twilight's Ashes, by Auler Ivis: This one has a really interesting premise, but it's a long slow read--instant coffee brewed a little strong? The futuristic world post-global warming is really well-imagined, and there's a rich mixture of ancient and modern belief, symbolism, etc.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows: This has to one of the longest titles ever, but it's perfectly chosen. The book's written in the form of letters between strangers and friends, and it's truly delightful--a family drama, a post-WWII mystery, love, romance, the kindness of strangers, the strangeness of friends... It's just a really good read--and for coffee, I'll try balanced, smooth, full-flavored.

Changes, by Jim Butcher: Okay, I'm hooked on the series. Pretty soon I'll be so hooked I won't be able to wait till the paperback comes out. But I did wait this time, and Changes was well worth the wait--lots of revelations, coming together of ideas, building together of concepts from previous novels... Oh, and lots of Ick--not for the squeamish! Definitely a bold, dark, intense coffee here.

The Little Known, by Janice Daugharty: I got this book free in a deal, but I'd happily have paid for it; it's a really good coming-of-age story in the segregating south of the 1960s. A fascinating young man struggles to find an identity for himself, with the aid of a sackful of money and intelligent dreams. This one leaves a rich, elegant, complex coffee taste.

The Deviant, by Orren Merton: This one's a really interesting twist on the vampire theme, plus there's a dog:) The characters are interesting, the California music has a good strong beat, and the bad guys don't all wear black. I'll go for bold, dark, intense coffee here again.

And now, maybe I'll grind some beans and drink some of that coffee to go with my reviews.

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