Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've been reading some more...

More books, and as usual, you can follow the links to the full reviews on Gather.

The best two books I've read this week:

The Ringer, by Jenny Shank
: You can tell there's baseball in this story from the cover, and I don't even like baseball. But there's police, race relations, loss on both sides of the line, and some truly memorable, flawed and human characters who try to pick up the pieces when their worlds fall apart. And there's hope. Like a baseball well-thrown, this book definitely hits its target.

The Pig's Slaughter, by Florin Grancea: How long does it take to kill a pig, or topple a dictator? How long will it take to forget how to make sausages or watch Christmas cakes rise? How easily will hungry people be deceived by the promise of freedom on TV? And what was it like to be fourteen years old in Romania, those five days in December?

On a lighter note, two scary books for a cold dark evening while the wind howls all around:

Hide'n Go Coffin, and Monster in the Mirror, by M.J.A. Ware. Both books contain delightfully scary short stories for teens and pre-teens (and assorted hangers on), and introduce a really neat writer. You can go to his website to learn about his novel, coming soon.

Of course, the dreams you get after reading scary stories might not be the ones this book is written about:

What Every Dream Means, by Scott M Shafer
: The author's about to start a virtual book tour, so you'll probably be reading more about this book soon. It's an interesting Christian take on dream interpretation, with intriguing Bible references, and fascinating ideas.

And then there's "romance," perhaps:

Hot Commodity, by Linda Kage, is a definitely hot and sexy grown-up fairy-tale, and really rather fun. And...

Threads West, by Reid Lance Rosenthal, is the start of a series. Set in 1855, a group of strangers from all around the world are heading for the American West. Romantic entanglements and mysteries are promised and provided, together with poetic descriptions and lots of historical detail, but the tale's really only just begun.


Laura Eno said...

Thanks for the list!

Jenny Shank said...


Thanks so much for your wonderful review of The Ringer! It felt great to read that you enjoyed it, and it's wonderful that my very first customer review on Amazon is so positive. Thanks for taking the time to write it!

best wishes,

Jenny Shank

sarah said... read fast. I have two books on the go and trying to get through them. Doesn't help that I have to read my kids' stuff on top of that. Great reviews. Thanks Sheila

Stephanie Faris said...

Hmmm...a Christian dream interpretation book. Sounds interesting!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Thank you for the recommendations/book lists!

Always looking for good books.


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