Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blogging with Style?

I just got a Stylish Blogger Award from Jean Henry Mead (mysterious writer and murderous muse)! I'm not sure what I did to deserve it, but I must admit, it's a very stylish award, received with thanks. Apparently I have to list seven things about myself on my blog, then pass the award on to a friend... So, seven things???

  1. I recently released a book of poetry called Mongrel Christian Mathematician. The title does kind of describe me, and author Mary Russel reviewed it on her blog recently.
  2. Lulu's offering downloads of my Easter ebook at 75% off the regular price, just for Lent (oh, and Lent starts today). I guess that tells you I ought to be doing something for Lent. This year, I'm trying to give up snacking to stay awake and take up walking instead (a much more prayer-inspiring, though frequently wet, way of not falling asleep).
  3. I just finished my first-pass through editing my first real novel--assuming you think being accepted for publication makes a novel "real." Many thanks to StoneGarden for accepting it... But why does getting accepted leave me suddenly convinced it can't be good enough?
  4. I've just started posting notes (on my refracted muse) for a "Faith and Mythology" class that I'm supposed to teach in a couple of weeks. Help! I love mythology (and faith), but I'm naturally disorganized and getting my thoughts onto (virtual) paper is driving me up the wall.
  5. I've booked a trip to England to see my Mum (which tells you I'm English as well as American).
  6. I've also just booked a trip to Texas to see my son (which tells I have at least one son--in fact I have three, all grown-up--ah, those graying hairs...)
  7. I have gray hair!
Having mentioned Mary Russel's review of my book above, perhaps I should pass the award on to Mary now for her stylish blog. Just go over there and see the pictures in the header and down the side. Mary also has a talent for writing children's books and clever mysteries, and for creating a blog that's full of new information every time you visit it.

Thank you again Jean for the lovely award.


Bearman said...

You are too busy. No wonder you have gray or is it English grey hair.

Sun Singer said...

Congratulations on being stylish!