Monday, March 7, 2011

Coffee--bold, dark and intense

I had coffee in Borders last week with a friend and we noticed the "star" levels for different sorts of coffee. It was kind of neat--
  1. Mild, light, crisp
  2. Bright, lively, easy drinking
  3. Balanced, smooth, full-flavored
  4. Rich, elegant, complex, and
  5. Bold, dark, intense.
I wonder if we could use a similar system in rating books, except everyone would think 5 stars meant best and 1 star meant worst. I suppose we could use the sun or moon...
  1. Short and sharp. A quick read.
  2. Easy reading, relaxed.
  3. Nice mix of show and tell. Interesting plot.
  4. Complex characters and plot.
  5. Bold, dark, intense.
I dunno. How would you split up the levels? How would you define your most recent reads? I'll post reviews of Jim Butcher's Changes (5), The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (3), and The Little Known (4) soon, and they'll all get plenty of stars to go with those suns--it's been a good weekend for reading. But first I'll need some more bold, dark, intense coffee, with just a dash of milk...


Laura Eno said...

Yep. I think you'd have to use the descriptions, as the numbers would be construed to be bad to good. We've been programmed. :)

Cold As Heaven said...

I mostly prefer bold, dark, intense. But my last read, Son of the Thunder God by Finish author Arto Passilinna, was more like short and sharp, a quick read. Cool book >:)

Cold As Heaven