Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some February Book Reviews

My Mum's been delightedly reading the Warriors books and is way ahead of me. You can tell she's a cat-lover, but I'll catch up soon. First I had these other books on my to-read shelf, and really enjoyed them.

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Elijah's Coin, by Steve O'Brien: I'll be hosting a guest post from the author on my blog soon. Elijah's Coin is certainly an intriguing read--like a cross between the Shack and Pay it Forward. I certainly enjoyed it, and, if you come back to my blog soon, you'll find out what inspired Steve O'Brien to write it.

The Last Druid, by P.L. Crompton
: I'll be dreaming druids and Romans now I've finished reading this. I loved it. A wonderfully evocative tale of England at the end of Roman rule, told in a way that really draws the reader in.

Idiot America, by Charles P Pierce: Given a choice between laughing and crying, I'd recommend laughter. Charles Pierce's account of the descent of the American absurd into the norm evokes much laughter with seriously biting humor. But it's tragic and well researched too; a sad, hilarious, curious little book.

And finally, Lady in Waiting, by Susan Meissner: I grew up in England, so of course I've heard of Lady Jane Grey. But Susan Meissner brings those troubled times after the death of Henry VIII to vivid life in this book, tying her historical tale to the present day troubles of a woman who tries too hard to put others ahead of herself. The stories are tied together with an antique ring, and the whole is very nicely constructed and a pleasure to read.

(Plus one: My review of Redemption's Kiss is on the front page of Nights and Weekends today!)

So that's this week's reading. Don't forget to watch out for Steve O'Brien's guest post, coming soon...

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Teri-K said...

I love Susan Meissner's early books, but to tell you the truth I've lost touch with her recently. I will definitely look this one up. Thanks for sharing it!