Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's in a name, or a dream?

When I was small I wanted to be a trapeze artiste and work in a circus. I knew the word was "artiste" with an "e" because "artist-ess" was too hard to say. (I liked logic, even then, and, of course, I knew there was always a different word for the feminine form.)

Pretty soon I also learned that my physical talents really didn't lean towards PE, not even in school, never mind circuses. So I decided to be an "authoress" instead. I still have my first two novels tucked away in a box under the bed, written on scraps of note-books tied up with string.

Somewhere between dreaming novels and becoming a mathematician, the powers that be lost the "ess"es from their words. (Were there ever mathematicianesses, I wonder, like giantesses writing with giant Greek letters?) Of course, I didn't stop dreaming (and reading) books. I didn't stop writing them either since once I became a mother (feminine in its own right) my dear first-born son insisted a story wasn't worth telling if it wasn't written down. But I did stop dreaming of being an author(ess) for a while. Mom was plenty for me.

One day I went back to work, part-time, and had less chance to dream, but outsourcing set me free. Of course, since most of the things we need in life aren't free, that wasn't entirely a good thing. But at least I started writing again. I joined an on-line community ( and people told me that since I write I must be a writer (not a writer-ess). Sometimes I meet people at parties (through my husband's work) and I try to remember - not stay-at-home Mom (after all, the kids are grown), but "writer;" that's me.

Tomorrow, author Mary Russel will interview "author Sheila Deeth" on her blog - So I'm not a trapeze artist or artiste, and not an authoress. But maybe I'm finally halfway to achieving that childhood dream and becoming an author. Maybe when Refracted comes out with Gypsy Shadow publishing I might even earn a few pennies to help with being free.

I'll interview Mary here as well, so please visit her now and find out more about her and her books. And then please visit both of us tomorrow and ask your questions. We'd love to chat with you.


Aubrie said...

Well, I'll be buying Refracted so you'll earn a few pennies from that! Can't wait until it comes out. :)

Mom is the most important job. My mom stayed at home with all four of us. It really made a difference, She was always there to help us with homework or give us rides. That's so wonderful that you devoted so much of your life to be a mom :)

Gladys Hobson said...

That's great, Sheila — writer, author (books there to prove it!) mother, homemaker, friend of many! Christian shines out of you too!

Cold As Heaven said...

Yes, once there was a mathematicianesse; her name was Emmy Noether >:)

Cold As Heaven

arbraun said...

Good luck at being an author without the "ess."