Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Three Blogs and Three Blog Awards?

As some of you know, I run three blogs— where I post my daily 100-word stories and poems, where I post (almost) weekly Bible studies, and where I post… well… stuff.

A little while ago I discovered that neat little “post options” button at the bottom left of the window where I write new posts. I post-dated a set of blog entries and set off to help my son move house. Now I’m back it seems, by some strange coincidence, that all three blogs have won awards in my absence. I’m suitably amazed and grateful, to

Ruth, at for her abitosunshine award to my drabble blog

Stan, at for the versatile blogger award—one that requires me to “share seven things about yourself then pass it on to fifteen blogs you’ve recently discovered you enjoy,” and

Alina, at for “My blog is me”—an award for “those who are brave enough to expose just enough to reach, touch and possibly help someone else to see something differently.

I also discovered—as the rest of you probably always knew—that I can click on the award image and use its location instead of copying it onto my computer… Hey, I’m learning lots of stuff… so here’s my thankyou post for the awards

My seven things…

1. I’ve just learned to post-date posts using the “post options” button
2. I’ve just learned to include award images by copying location instead of image
3. I learned to turn off comments on posts and used that to help make my “other” two blogs into web-sites
4. I recently discovered how to format my posts better using the “compose” tab
5. I wish I didn’t keep cutting and pasting from Word onto the “compose” tab ‘cause it really only works on the “html” tab.
6. I finally know how to type links in html, {a href="URL of target site"}Description{/a} with pointy brackets instead of curly ones, which makes copying them from Word into blogger much easier, and
7. I updated my blogroll with blogs that I’m following but only found 10 new ones, so I guess I’ll just offer ten instead of fifteen.

Ten recently found and followed blogs…

2. Fiction-Filled Life, at
3. christian-with-a-view, at
4. Karen's Love and Writing, at
5. Linda L. Henk, at
6. Marthawrites, at
7. My Back Door, at
8. The Adventures of Rai Aren & Tavius E., at
9. West of Mars, at, and
10. What Then Is This Child Going To Be?, at


abitosunshine said...

BRAVO on all your blog awards! I've added your link to my award recipient list here...

Sun Singer said...

Congratulations on the awards, and on all that knowledge you're soaking up via your on-the-blog training.