Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There and Back Again

I used to hear about, and read about, people doing serious road-trips, like crossing the United States from coast to coast. It sounded such fun, though of course, I never expected I'd get the chance to do it. Then our oldest son, recently graduated from medical school in Los Angeles, got ready for a move to Texas and invited us along. So, if you've been wondering why my blog's been so neglected and my comments so sparse (or non-existent) for the last week, that's where we've been.

On Saturday we flew to Los Angeles and walked the beach and touched the sea. Then on Sunday we loaded the car with boxes and cases (people too) and set off. Buildings gave way to agriculture, to windfarms (quite a surprise), to desert and hills. I wanted to photograph every tall white cactus at the start, but soon I realized they weren't going to go away. Then I watched the scrubby bushes grow shorter and sparser as the land grew more dry.

Breakfast in Los Angeles, lunch in Phoenix, dinner in El Paso (really late dinner) - we did three states in one day. Then on Monday we drove in Texas which seemed to be as big as three states all put together. The bushes grew taller and lusher and turned into trees (an even bigger surprise), and I learned, at last, that Texas isn't a desert after all. It's beautiful! And green!

Yesterday I flew home. By some strange coincidence my first flight was from Austin to Long Beach, covering almost the same route we'd driven, but much faster and much higher. I couldn't see the cacti, but I saw the green turn brown. I saw the hills and the ribbons of road that linked them like a necklace trailing beads. And I looked down on the wind-farms during our descent, sails turning lazily next to the shadow of the plane.

So I'm back. I'm tidying emails and snail mails and catching up on washing. And I'm wondering who I can persuade to move from Seattle to San Diego and take me along. It's been a wonderful week, a wonderful road trip, a busy, happy and exciting vacation.


Aubrie said...

I'm glad you had fun on your road trip! I've never visited those places.

Bearman said...

I like arriving at destinations. The journey is dreadful for me though.

abitosunshine said...

Welcome home Sheila! Happy to hear you enJOYed your family travels!

I've been to Texas and I've lived in New Mexico, but that's as far west as my travels have taken me... so far!

June said...

Ohhh...That sounds like fun. We're tentatively planning a road trip next summer. Glad you had a good time. You were on my mind. Thanks for stopping by my site today. It was good to "see" you.

Karen said...

Welcome home, Sheila. Interesting to read about your travels.

maryrussel said...

How exciting! Sounds like you had a great time. Tghank you for sharing some of the views. :)

Cold As Heaven said...

Yes, your trip was probably warmer than mine. Texas is to hot for me in the long run. I have been to some fabulous places in Texas, like the Big Bend national park and the Delaware Mountains on the New Mexico border. Fantastic places to visit, but I always need to get back to the snow and ice >:)

Cold As Heaven