Saturday, April 3, 2010

This week's Book Reviews

Maybe trying to edit 150 children's stories based on Psalms, plus 40 based on Exodus, was bound to leave me with a rather strange reading mix. But I finished the edits, dismayed myself utterly with the number of proof-reading glitches, considered writing a mathematical algorithm relating glitch-detection to glitch-fixing and creation (minimizing the function with respect to time might give the optimum point at which to self-publish), failed to differentiate my function, decided it was as good as I'll ever make it, and put in my order. Now I'm trying (and failing) to stop thinking about it till the books arrive.

Anyway, here's this week's books read and reviewed for that continuing Reading Journey.

The Miracles of Exodus, by Colin J Humphreys: This was a reread - The first book to make Exodus come to life for me (and get me over that feeling that surely someone would have touched the pillar of fire and found out if it was hot). I wanted to make sure I'd not made any too glaring errors in my stories so I had to reread before pushing the button, and I realized anew what a brilliant book it is. So I had to review it.

When Rape Flowers Bloom, by Swann Li: I downloaded Amazon's Kindle-for-PC last week - a free program that lets me read Kindle books (it's really kind of neat). Then I downloaded several free books. Then I found that a friend at our local writers' group has a short book on Kindle for only one dollar. It was a dollar very well spent, and the book paints a very powerful picture of life in rural China, of poverty through a small child's eyes, and of the awful wounds that good intentions can leave to fester and grow. My gather review of When Rape Flowers Bloom.

Wild Blue Under, by Judi Fennell: A little light reading, talking seagulls, amorous mermen, and really good fun, plus some intriguing thoughts on predestination and free will. See my review here.

Hunted, by PC Cast and Kristin Cast: I think I'm getting hooked on this series. My review is here.

And finally, Flickertail and Paint, Barnyard Sleuths, by Mary Russell: A fun collection of short stories about a horse and llama detective team as they travel the seasons and the world. I met the author on gather, so of course, my review is likewise on gather.

Then there were two book reviews submitted to Nights and Weekends. They still have my reviews of Dink, a fascinating tale of werewolves and a chihuahua, and Hearts Crossing on the front page of their Lunch Break e-Book Reviews section. And two reviews for Poetic Monthly. My review of The Essence of Love is in the current issue (#50).

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