Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Stops on that Reading Journey

I read a book yesterday morning, and half a book in the afternoon, while the guys were watching soccer on TV. But I haven't written reviews of them yet, so I'm not sure they really count towards that reading journey.

Still, I have posted a few more reviews on gather since my last "reading journey" blogpost.

Thinking in Pictures, by Temple Grandin had me thinking about how I think, and how we communicate. I came to the conclusion that I might think in pictures sometimes - e.g. when playing that "memory" game that I used to be so good at when the kids were little. I even wondered if that's the reason I always get confused by the words left and right. The book was fascinating - a memoir, a description of a completely different way of thinking, an interesting study in treatment methods and options, and a conversation with a stranger whose voice is well worth listening to.

Next is Winter Queen by Aubrie Dionne, the first of four short books, and a really enjoyable lunch-time read, with musical language portraying mood and scene quite delightfully. I'll post reviews of the other three books soon.

Jordan, by Susan Kearney, is the third book in a her Pendragon trilogy. I've just found the second book, which I shall probably read this week, if only to find out where shape-changing dragons come from. I suspect this series is one best read from the beginning, though the third book certainly kept me interested. The combination of science fiction and King Arthur is intriguing, but the sudden passionate love of hyper-intellectual businesswoman and oddly deceitful scientist was somewhat jarring, despite the explanation in it's mystical source.

So, back to reading Catch of a Lifetime and reviewing A Certain Wolfish Charm. The guys are watching soccer again. The stage is set...


Cold As Heaven said...

Looks like interesting books. You remind me that I'm probably reading too little contemporary literature >:)

Cold As Heaven

Aubrie said...

Thanks for mentioning my book :)