Thursday, April 8, 2010

Books and Tulips

I was heading out door for a trip to the tulip farm yesterday when my friend pointed to the rather large parcel on the doorstep. My Lulu books had arrived! But the sun was shining and tulips were calling my name. Aren't they gorgeous?

The sun's shining again today so I guess I'm running out of excuses for not cutting grass and pulling weeds. I'll work on pushing the button to publish those books later, after I've checked through them all. But meanwhile, life is good. It's nice to see my name in print and the covers looking so very bright and real.

And nice to see tulips.


Josie said...

Your tulips are GORGEOUS!!! Josie loves them. Woof!

Much Love, Josie

Cold As Heaven said...

Yes, nice tullips, and I guess the books are too.

In Winterland we havent seen any signs of green yet, still white here, so cutting grass is looong time into the future, fortunately ... not sure if shuffeling snow is much better though >:)

Helen Ginger said...

What pretty tulips! I don't think I've ever seen tulips so pretty.

Your covers look great (they're a little blurry, though).

Straight From Hel

Cathy Davis said...

Very colorful indeed.

prashant said...

nice tullips, and I guess the books are too.
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Hywela Lyn said...

Congratulations on the books Sheila - and on the tulips! They are so beautiful. I'm still waiting for mine to bloom, although they're in bud and the weather's getting warmer here in the UK!

Patricia Stoltey said...

I love the colors you chose for your book covers, Sheila. Since I'm one of those book shoppers who are often drawn to books by their covers, I think bright colors are a good idea.

Ann Best said...

Gratefully I found you through Patricia Stoltey via Karen G. I love the Old Testament stories and am interested in seeing what you've done with the Bible and what you're doing, plus everything else here on your site that looks so interesting and colorful.